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You are my sunshine – part 3

Her emotions overtook her and Kathy pulled the car to the side of the road.

She sobbed for the loss of her mother’s sanity, for her parents’ divorce and for the intense pain the whole ordeal brought her. She sobbed for the loss of Mark, which confused her. Yes, she had strong feelings for him, but dear God his father had ruined many lives.

Finally, home, she listened to her three messages and all were from Mark…

“Kathy, my dad was a sick man, a crazy man. Please don’t hold that against me.”

“It’s me again, can we please meet and talk about this?”

“Kath, I am not my father.”

She replayed her messages and concluded that there could be no future for them. He didn’t seem to understand the depth of this trauma. A decent man would have realised all this and graciously walked away.

Kathy called Lisa and told her about the morning’s disaster. Lisa responded by saying. “You can never have contact with him again. This is majorly dangerous, Kathy. Promise me that you’ll change your phone number and keep your dead bolt locked. I personally think you should inform the police as to what’s going on. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, ya know.”

Mark did stop calling and Kathy tried to resume her life. Therapy was intense as she was fraught with conflicting emotions and suffering the symptoms of PTSD. Her father was invited to several sessions and Kathy thought at one point that this honorable man was all she needed.

“Hon,” her father stated, “Life can be difficult for everyone. Try to settle all this in your psyche. You will never forget, but time does heal…”

Kathleen Marshall 1978 – 2016

{This work of fiction was written by 2 authors}


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