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Summer. We all love it, don’t we?

With the warmer weather fast approaching, and we have had some pretty warm days already, who doesn’t love it!?

Babies and Children is the answer. It’s not a case of they don’t love it, but it certainly doesn’t agree with them. The last 2 days with the hubby being off we have made the most of the sun and been out. Whether it’s been dog walking, playing out or going over to nanas to play in the garden. Joshua my 6 year old, the heat doesn’t seem to bother him now, hat on, sun cream on, and off he goes. Noah my 3 year old on the other hand it has been making him very cranky and tired and even caused him to have upset tummies. As much as it has been nice being out as a family, Noah has been hard work.

It made me think back to when they were both babies, and how the heat can affect them and I am sure it wasn’t just mine the heat effected. As babies, for me when the warmer weather came in they would be kept in vests and under the shade at all times, but it still caused them to be cranky. And night times…well if you had them in a good routine GOODBYE to that, as it made my 2 very restless that they disturbed regularly and if you’re not use to it, it nearly kills you.

Another side effect to the heat would be lovely yellow runny nappies that happened frequently. I don’t know how and what but that is what seemed to happen to mine when it was warm out.

Then and even now when it is sunny it sometimes isn’t worth going out and enjoying it, thinking of the consequences. Having a child whinge and hang of your leg all day and they then get poorly from it. That is no fun for anyone, it can be hard going. So on occasions we decide to stay in and have a break from the sun, I make sure all windows are open that the lovely summer air is flowing through the house so we don’t feel we are missing out.

I have to say I do enjoy these days as I myself I am not great in the sun or heat. I don’t get cranky and certainly don’t have yellow stuff coming out my bottom, but heat is not my thing at all. I do enjoy being out in it but I have to be doing something. I am not one of these people who can lay in the sun for hours. My mother could and she clearly didn’t pass that gene on to me or the gene of tanning. I’m the kind of person that burns, peels then goes back white! Yes lucky me you say.  I am the oldest of 7. The 3 siblings down in age from me…. they all tan. How is that fair!?!?

Getting over my not being able to tan gene, it’s safe to say that if you are a parent, summer days aren’t the same as they use to be. As much as the warmer weather is lovely and far better than winter it can be a little stressful for some.


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