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Summer tips for a kitchen remodel

If you want to make changes to your kitchen, summer is the perfect season to do so. Still, since it can get too hot, it might be best to avoid a grand and demanding remodel, but keep things simple and effective instead. Even the smallest changes can completely transform the look of your kitchen and make you feel more comfortable while you spend your time in there.

Add new curtains

Even more than wall paint and wallpapers, the colour and pattern of your curtains can have a strong impact on the whole atmosphere of the room. This is especially true for the kitchen, which needs to be bright and cosy. Therefore, take a good look at your old curtains and see for yourself what it is about them that makes you feel cringey and even stressed. Then of course get yourself some new curtains that have the complete opposite effect of your old ones.

Spice up the dining area

Most homes don’t have the luxury of a separate kitchen and dining room and often, these two areas are merged in one room. If this is the case in your own home, you can make things more interesting as well as comfortable by adding seating cushions to every chair and covering the dining table with a nice table cloth. There are many table cloths on the market that are waterproof and really easy to clean. Of course, don’t forget a centrepiece for the table, such as a vase of flowers or a fruit bowl.

Change your cutlery

You will spend your time cooking and possibly eating in the same kitchen as before, but if you change your cutlery, cups, glasses, plates and even some pots, you will get the feeling of a completely new kitchen. This endeavour doesn’t have to be too expensive, especially if you sell your old kitchen necessities at garage sales. You can easily get new cups, plates and glasses in the same manner, but there are also many stores that sell stuff like this at affordable prices.

Get yourself some handy appliances

Make this kitchen remodel about making your life easier. You can get some useful small appliances for your counters that will help you with cooking tremendously. Usually, things such as toasters, blenders, rice cookers, etc. don’t require much of an investment, but they are true helpers for people who are busy and value efficiency in everything. And not only this, but a Nespresso coffee machine can make the start of every morning more relaxing and soothing.

Interesting storage solutions

If your kitchen counters and cabinets are a real mess, you probably won’t have much will to tackle other chores and changes in the kitchen. Therefore you have to clean the mess first. Start from clearing out all of your cabinets and going through the stuff in there. You’ll probably find a lot of things that can be discarded or some that are completely unnecessary. Once you clear everything out, take the opportunity to store what’s left by name or purpose. If you are still left with things without their proper place, you can find some great DIY storage solutions and implement the ones that suit you best. Vertical storage options for doors and walls can also be great space savers.

The best thing about the above mentioned simple tips is that they really won’t take up a lot of your time, while you will undoubtedly have fun searching for different curtain and cup designs or the most comfortable cushions. What’s more, something almost as effortless as this kind of remodel will provide you with a completely new feel and warmth in the kitchen.


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