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Jolene is a wonderfully successful women but understands that personal lives often suffer as a result of ambition. Now happy beyond belief, she spoke to us about her journey;

It might sound a little bit of a cliché but ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to be a hairdresser. I would sit on top of the sofa back, behind my parents, pretending to wash and style their hair. My dad looked great with clips and bobbles everywhere! I finished my GCSE’s and went straight to college to complete an NVQ in hairdressing, juggling my studies with a job in a local salon, where I met my biggest inspiration, Jenifer, my then boss.

During the early years of my career I did not have the work to life balance quite right, resulting in my marriage becoming a casualty. I learnt a lot from this and now realise that having a partner who is an equal is an absolute necessity. Being in a relationship with someone who has the same work ethic and understands drive, determination and zest for creating a successful business is a compliment to life, not a compromise. With this in mind, I own three successful businesses and still find time to help to fundraise for a local childrens charity called Windmills.

I have the nicest hair and beauty salon in the area, even if I do say so myself. It makes me proud beyond belief and I love coming to work everyday, a rarity these days. I consider myself really lucky to have an amazing team behind me and as a result, business is thriving! Building on my success, I have branched out into other areas, completing various hairdressing courses including hair extensions, barbering skills, and many more, but I have also stepped outside of hairdressing.

I have reached the top level of Forever Aloe multi-level marketing, in a record time of two months, and have also recently opened a bespoke florist with two business partners who are have become like family. I cherish our relationships on both a business and a personal level and never take either for granted. As a woman, I have faced challenges in the male dominated world of business, but as time has gone on I feel I have gained a lot of respect from local businessmen and have a great relationship with some of the towns most influential males. This represents a huge stride forward for entrepreneurial women!

Life is back on track for me now. After the break down of my marriage, I wasn’t sure about what direction my journey would take or who would help me along the way, everything I used to strive for was as part of a married couple and suddenly I only had myself to consider. I have kept optimism at my side however and I will always be a lover of love and a firm believer in fairytale endings for everyone, and I have found mine. I now have the most amazing life partner, an equal who strives for a great life both financially and creatively within our home. I never thought I could be so happy and feel so complete but I have truly found my soul mate and the strange thing is, he was there all along and I never realised.

One of my best and oldest friends who knows me inside out and I him, my partner and I were at the mercy of timing and our time is officially now. I love him and every day that we share together beyond belief. Of course he has an annoying habit, nobody is perfect, but his is that he finds it very difficult to switch off from work, so I aim to help him relax and take time to focus on himself, not just business matters.

I have no regrets in life and believe that we are each on a journey that will teach us valuable lessons and give us new perspectives. I believe I have finally reached a stage in my life where I am content with myself and all that I have, but I still harbour ambitions. My ultimate vision is to create total financial independence for myself and those who are a special part of my life, and I will do what ever it takes to make sure this happens. My mantras are to remain positive, create happiness in my workplaces, forgive often and not dwell on the past. Life is what you make it so make it amazing!

Forward is my direction and always left on a plane.

Love and laughter

Jojo xx

Jolene has a wonderful salon in Corby called Salonista.


  • Elly says:

    Fantastic article……………. very inspirational, and has motivated me to follow my dreams.
    Thank you

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