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Stop the beauty madness

More and more women are getting tired of the unrealistic beauty standards. Women are increasingly scrutinized by others, and in many cases criticized by themselves for not being intelligent enough, young enough, skinny, curvy, tanned or skin whitened; the list is infinite. Subsequently, Robin Rice has created a new campaign called ‘Stop the Beauty Madness’ with the objective of challenging women to accept themselves how they are and concludes that women should change the rules of the ‘game’.

The writer and mentor of the project “Be Who You Are”, set up the movement to combat the pervasive and incorrect belief that a woman’s beauty determines her value. Each of the controversial 25 advertisements generate an implicit message about the restrictive beauty standards.


In an interview for The Huffington Post, Miss Rice said: “My main mission is to say if women are worried about their weight and their looks to the point that they’re not actually putting themselves in the world, then we’re missing out on some really extraordinary individuals”.

Now, more than ever, we must fight to create a new culture around beauty and protect our children from the destructive obsessions related to beauty.


Through past historic victories, it is very clear that we women are accustomed to fighting for equality and change. They fought for the right to vote, to work, it being socially acceptable to wear trousers, to have the same rights as men, and now we women fight for an idealized physical appearance which do not classify us as individuals.

You can see the images of the campaign and share it on the social networks utilizing the hashtag#stopthebeautymadness.



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