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Stop telling your daughters to be careful. Start educating your sons.

Without a doubt, every parent has informed their daughter that they must ‘be careful’ before going out. Whether that be a day shopping trip or an evening party; regardless of where they’re going, it’s drummed into their brains that it is them that must ‘be careful’ when out…

It may come to some people’s surprise that a company called ‘AR Wear’ invented ‘anti-rape’ wear. They claim the product can “give girls additional power to control what happens to their bodies in case they become a victim of assault” However, some people might see this as a positive but there are in fact many negative concerns as to what is wrong with this in today’s modern society.  The main issue with this garment is; girls are being taught how they can ‘avoid rape’ rather than boys being taught ‘not to rape’ which is obviously wrong. It’s more than outrageous for victims to be blamed rather than the vulgar beings causing danger to society known as ‘rapists.’ In this day and age, females of any age should not have to live in fear, wear anti-rape wear, the new nail polish out that apparently changes colour if your drink has been spiked, carry rape alarms or anything of that nature to avoid being attacked by predators when out.

It’s deemed that male behaviour in this generation has become less ‘gentlemanly’ to say the least. It’s believed that the majority of males today may be seen to lack respect and pretty much ‘objectify’ women. Scientific statistics has proved that pornography can cause harmful effects on the human brain triggering negative effects on relationships. Study findings regarding this issue involve potential influences on ruinous outcomes such as rape and domestic violence.

Fundamentally, girls are taught that they shouldn’t indulge in sexual encounters but for boys however, it’s a completely different matter. Society is seen to encourage young men to indulge in as many sexual encounters possible in which they are then praised for doing so. For some, this could be seen as distasteful behaviour as it gives out an immoral message. This is a double standard issue; boys should be brought up to be respectful of women.

The way in which a male behaves towards the opposite gender could be seen to be based on the morals instilled by his parents or how he was brought up. Emphasis on the word ‘no’ should be taken more seriously by males too, especially if they’re under the legal age of consent. It’s arguable that where sex education is concerned; the education system focuses more on trying to protect girls from consequences such as pregnancy, when boys need to be fully educated on actions and their responsibilities with regards to the matter.

 Current student, Dylan Beal said “most boys today do care less about their morals, whereas some girls do care about how they’re perceived by their peers. Girls are expected to be of a lady like nature; therefore are more likely to be conscious of how they come across”

However, it’s unfortunate that considering how far women have come since the suffragettes and feminists, some women in the public eye today who seek fame and fortune through their sexual antics do not help the cause of women. Many women in the media public eye for example, have shown to conduct themselves in an inappropriate and sexually explicit manner by posing for lads mags. This is ‘entertainment’ for men.

Media Lecturer, Graham Gladlin said “I’d say that we need to be careful about tarring all men with the same brush. I know plenty of men who have a great deal of respect for women. The trouble is that in an image obsessed society, where the idea of sexual conquest sells, primitive attitudes will always exist until certain sections of the media start to take responsibility for their influence.”


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