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When spring’s your season

Life is easy when your favourite season is summer. Nobody disagrees with the girl who says she loves lying in the sunshine or evening bbqs with friends. Or Winter lovers, whose defence is the undeniable attraction of a cosy jumper and hot chocolate in front of a log fire. Even Autumn girls get the approval of others at the mere mention of the earth’s natural auburn colours seeping throughout the streets. But what of the girls with a bounce in their step and spring in their hearts? So easily they are brushed off by others, so here are the top ten troubles when spring is your season.

1) WinterNobody hates winter like you do. It is as far removed from spring as could possibly be imagined. It’s cold, it’s bitter and everything is a shade somewhere between dull grey and boring white. There are no pretty flowers in sight and did I mention the wind? Even the idea of stepping outside during the awful occurrence that is the cold season requires at least half a tub of moisturiser and hundreds of bulky, unflattering layers.

2) Summer – Often it’s assumed that spring lovers are summer fans. Although you’d admit you prefer it to the dreaded pits of winter, the coming of summer, to you, means the end of spring. Sometimes it comes so gradually, that you can almost forgive it for taking away your golden time, but other times – and this you despise- the heat hits you like a fire bolt. What can feel like only weeks since you stepped away from lotions and potions you require to prevent your skin from peeling like a snake in winter, now becomes the time for the half bottle of sun cream needed to protect you from turning into a tomato and however much you use, it’s never enough. Out comes the After Sun and you start to consider that maybe your summer regime is worse than during the winter.

3) Preparation – Though you’ve known the order of the seasons since pre-school, you never feel ready for the next season. As you look into your vast, overstuffed wardrobe, all items seem to be too warm, too cold, or not weatherproof enough for the time of year…unless it’s spring. Fear not, spring chick, you are not to blame for purchasing another dress you know will make you sweat like a pig come June and give you frostbite on your bum from October through to March. It’s pretty and it’ll look beautiful when you stroll through the park, admiring the daisies.

4) Shoes – Similarly, your shoes are almost never practical. Boots are clumpy, sandals are uncomfortable and crocs are…unforgiveable! There you stand, in the shoe shop, knowing you could really do with a pair of wellies to keep your feet dry during autumn showers, but you can’t take your eyes away from the sale of ballet shoes. Yes, you have these delightful flats in every pastel shade available, but would another cream pair really hurt?

5) Your Winter Friends – You love them, of course you do. They might even be your best friends, but it’s March already so why are they still hiding in their jumpers? Perhaps they stare at you with utter disgust as you stroll around the shops in a white cardigan and floral patterned dress. Whatever they say, you look lovely. Embrace the beauty of your season!

6) Your Summer Friends – You only truly understand why your winter buddies hated you so much at the changing of your season. You answer the door to see your summer loving pal wearing shorts and a vest. How. Dare. She. Spring always seems like the shortest season, why does she have to end it already? Stick with those kitten heels for as long as you can stand the sweat of impending summer.

7) Christmas Decorations– Hopefully you’re not enough of a Scrooge to go as far as saying you hate Christmas; but the mass excitement of this holiday bothers you. Why don’t we celebrate Easter with such enthusiasm? Imagine the joy, the love, the presents(!) we could all have if Easter had this much of a following. It’s already met with the best gift there is – chocolate!

8) New Year’s Resolutions – a.k.a false promises. The middle of the coldest time of the year is no time to be making life altering decisions like joining a gym or stopping a habit. Who wants to go for a run when your toes are frozen? You much prefer spring cleaning. A time for out with the old and in with the new. Not many agree, but if they tried it, they’d understand just how rational you really are.

9) When The Daffodils Bloom– It’s your favourite time! Those beautiful trumpets of yellow are a sign that better things are coming – and you love it. The trouble is, everybody else thinks your crazy. They’re too busy complaining about breaking their resolutions to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

10) Any Season But Spring – It’s true, in spring you’re a ray of sunshine. Unfortunately, to everyone else you seem miserable all year round. You complain in the winter it’s too cold and in the summer it’s too hot. Nobody remembers how happy you were in April. Maybe you do suffer with L.O.S.S. (Lack Of Spring Syndrome), but try not to bring others down. After all, spring is right around the corner….sort of.


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