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Spring cleaning of the mind

It’s hit. That time of the year again. Time for spring cleaning, but not my house, I need to tidy up my mind. Keep it fresh, remove all negativity and concentrate only on things that make me happy.

First things first, I need to let go of toxic relationships in my life. Has anyone recently told me I need to lose weight or made me feel invalid? Have I had anybody try to discourage my ambitions and cause conflict in  my love life? Have I been close to anyone who has used my personal life as a means to spread gossip? Have I had anyone cause drama for the sake of entertainment? I’m pretty sure that the answer to a fair few of those questions is in fact “yes”. In which case, those people need to be removed from my trust circle. Not necessarily from my life, but I need to limit their ability to affect my happiness. By doing so, they cease their effect on my mental state too.

When I’m in a more peaceful place I need to identify what I actually want to do with my time and I already have an idea of what some of those things are. I want to go on adventures, and have fun; jump on trampolines, play on swings, visit a theme park, go to a shooting range, participate in a zombie survival activity, go bowling more often, go to Waterworld, go for more country walks, finish those paintings I promised myself I’d finish, complete the novels I started to read (and write), play on the arcade more and go to the cinema for the first time in years.

This year began on a note of excitement for me. I was a couple months into a new job and it was amazing to finally feel content in something that took up a lot of my time. A couple of months ago though, I lost two of my dogs within a week of each other. Then two weeks ago my pet rat died. It was a lot to take on board. It’s amazing how such tiny creatures can be such poignant members of a family and it’s shocking how big the void is when they’ve gone. Despite the pain that this year has brought along with it, I’ve made a promise to myself to let myself experience happiness. I deserve to be happy and by the time this article has been read I should already be on the first step of my own spring clean.


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