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We’re willing to bet that you have heard a lot about detoxing and cleansing, with some versions sounding impossible to complete and others just looking too good to be true. There has been a lot in the press about cleansing, with expert opinions being divided. Some say that they are a great way to kick start a healthy new lifestyle and others claim they are ineffective and unrealistic. The question is, who’s right?

If you do a cleanse in the hope of losing any extra pounds you have gained and go back to eating exactly as you usually do once you have completed it, we have bad news for you; you will not see any results. If, however, you like the idea of using a cleanse to get your body a little more in sync and ready to adapt to a healthier, more active lifestyle, the results can be incredible!

The Forever Living C9 cleanse is one of the most well known and most discussed cleanses out there for one reason; it works! We tell you that you will look and feel better in nine days and we mean it, but we don’t just want to sell you the kit and leave you to it! The C9 can be followed up with a range of healthy lifestyle packages that will help you to not only maintain your results, but also better them! Fitter, leaner and stronger bodies don’t need to be something you want but can’t achieve anymore, but it all starts with a small step; that initial willingness to cleanse your body of the junk food and bad habits that are making it sluggish and unresponsive to your fitness endeavours.

Based entirely around our bestselling Aloe Vera gels, the C9 cleanse comes with easy to understand instructions, real life testimonials and a record book to make sure you feel encouraged and supported all the way through. We even throw in a tape measure so you can see what a difference just nine days can make to your body, because we know it will.

Don’t look at the C9 as a quick solution to the problem of excess weight, think of it as the first step towards a better lifestyle that will allow you to get the body you’ve always wanted and fitter than you ever thought possible. There’s a reason why we’re called Forever Living you know; you’ll want to live forever when you feel as good as you can!

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