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Spirituality changed my life.

Spirituality, a word that gets banded about lots these days. But what does it mean to be spiritual?

In my opinion we are all spiritual people. I don’t believe that some are more spiritual than others, I just think some people choose to be aware of their spiritual side.

In secular society, we have been conditioned, by and large, to reject our spirituality.  Some have chosen to do this as a way of rebelling against religion, others have been brought up to believe that it’s all a ‘load of rubbish’. Either way, by denying this part of ourselves we are suffering.

The main difference between spirituality and religion is that spirituality does not have rules and is not based on control. Although there are some people out there who may try to play it that way, I see spirituality as being unique to each and every person. There is no ‘wrong way’ in spirituality. The aim is to feel good!

And just as there are many people on the planet, there are many ways to express yourself through spirit. Anything creative, dancing, singing, walking your dog, baking a cake, laughing with friends. These are all expressions of spirit! You can also read books on the topic, something that really helps me when life gets me down or I feel afraid or confused. I also like to pray, but if your not comfortable with that anything that makes you feel happy and joyful is great!

Why would I recommend taking up a spiritual practice? Simply because it will make your life better. Fact. It really does not matter what you do or how you do it but when you commit to doing something that’s good for your life, your life will respond by bringing more good to you!

It may be a yoga practice, picking up a spiritually based book, starting a meditation practice or even cleaning up your diet. Or you might just decide to start being more loving and kind to yourself and others (which costs nothing and is actually the most important aspect of the whole spiritual deal). 

Many of us have reached a point in our lives where we are seeking. We are seeking something more than what society and the media are telling us we should want. Our pursuit of material riches has reached its limit in its ability to satisfy us.

The great thing about it is you don’t have to be special to be spiritual. You don’t have to make a song and dance or get it tattooed on you for all to see either! Your spiritual practice is very personal and is about you getting closer to the real you! So no-one even has to know until your ready to share it with them!

I was an undercover spiritual seeker for quite a few years before I jumped out of the spiritual closet so to speak. Many teachers in the field of spirituality will say that when you open your mind to the possibility of more that “books literally fall of the shelf” (Marianne Williamson). And they do!

Even by reading this article you have opened yourself to spirit. And spirit, if you want it to, will respond by showing up in your life in more and more amazing ways each day!

Give it try! It might just change your life!




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