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Spiritual Perfectionism

Today I wanted to address something that I feel has been an ongoing theme in my life, probably forever, but which I have recently coined a phrase to describe. This phrase is ‘Spiritual Perfectionism’.

Most of us can agree that we live in a perfection-driven society. Airbrushing in the media, editing, improving, controlling and having ideals of what ‘perfect’ looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels like bombard our senses on a daily basis. This constant barrage of unattainable material and physical standards send us (especially women when it comes to body image although men are under lots of pressure in this area too) a bit bonkers to say the least! When we wake up, as I like to call it, to our spiritual essence and begin to discover who we truly are underneath all of the striving and covering up, we realise that actually what we were looking for was within us all along. And so the internal work begins. However, this brings with it its own unique challenges.

So basically, many on the quest for truth lessen their attachment to perfecting their physical selves or the view others have of them and seek to be at peace while sharing that with others. ‘Great’ I hear you say! The spiritual path is for me, sign me up right now. Yes, please join us, but somehow, between all of the meditating and enlightened texts, perfectionism still manages to rear its ugly head in our lives.

Spiritual Perfectionism is what happens when our spiritual ideals become so lofty and we put so much pressure on ourselves to constantly ‘be spiritual’ that we reject our humanity. I realised I was a spiritual perfectionist from a very young age when I found it very difficult to accept my mistakes and would send myself into a tirade of guilt when I wasn’t kind or loving to someone. I believe that being a kind, loving and forgiving person takes work, it takes commitment and conviction. I also believe that it is by far the easier choice than carrying around toxic emotions and anger, but I also believe that when we are practicing these principals, we need to cut ourselves some slack!

If you are trying to be a better person and to atone for the mistakes you made in the past, you are already http://nygoodhealth.com/product/nolvadex/ doing what many others are still learning to do. If you choose to pick up a spiritual text to guide you when times get rough, you are already choosing God over your ego. Don’t forget, you can’t expect everything to all be shiny and perfect at first try, when you are unlearning all of the old stuff and welcoming in the new, it’s bound to get a little or a lot messy!

Yes, we must forgive. Yes, it is important to love others and to be thoughtful in your words and actions towards them and, yes, sometimes when we are in the process of clearing out for the new to come in, some funky old stuff that we would rather not look at may come up. But that is why we pray!

Prayer is not a passive act. It is not a ‘cop out’ or an attempt to bypass our problems. It is actually the single most responsible and active thing we could do to improve our world and our lives. My favourite teacher and the woman who’s book A Return To Love opened me up to my spiritual path, Marianne Williamson, talks a lot about this and she explains it so well. When we pray, we are admitting that we do not know all of the answers, in fact we have no idea what would be best. So we put  100 per cent of our faith in a power greater than us to help guide us through it. We still take human, physical actions, if guided, but we do it with a sane mind as opposed to running around blindly in the dark. We turn the light on.

I am learning about trust right now and finding out that it is totally normal and very ‘spiritual’ to have lots of wobbly moments and to not know what to do or say or how to be or what to think.

So lets stop trying to be perfect and accept that we already are! Do good, shine bright and look after yourself! You are the light of the world!

Namaste x

“I do not need to worry about what to say, because he who sent me will tell me” – A Course In Miracles.


  • Thank you for this! I constantly have a battle with myself over this. I am a spiritual person and try to remain positive at all times but sometimes it can get so hard and I think it is ok to say ‘ok, so today I just need to get over this and get back on track’. I find once I have done this I can get on with staying positive and living my life. And yes, I do believe that if you do good it is repaid back to you and it makes you feel good too! Thank you again and Namaste to you too xx

    • Hi Rebecca, thank you for replying and I am glad you enjoyed the article :) Yes we can begin again in every moment. The universe never sees our faults and failings it only sees how wonderful we are! <3 xx

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