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Spice up your life?

Cast your minds back to a time when ‘Girl Power’ was used as a marketing tool to sell ridiculous platform trainers and resting bitch face. Admit it, you know what I’m talking about… The Spice Girls.

I actually still remember seeing them on T4 (now I really feel old), before they had even released Wannabe and I caught myself thinking how odd these grown-up women looked. I was in high school, so a prime target to be caught up in the hype and yet, nothing. Why was I immune to Girl Power?

Skip forward a couple of years and there I am, on stage in my school’s theatre, performing Stop! by The Spice Girls in a talent show. I was given the unenviable task of emulating Posh Spice because I had a leather skirt and a bob haircut, but you know what, it was fun, really good fun and after that night, I admit it, I liked The Spice Girls.

Stop! will always be my favourite song, just because of the memories, but who can forget 2 Become 1 and Spice Up Your Life? This is time-warp stuff ladies, but a little lighthearted nostalgia never hurt anyone so imagine my delight when my lovely WMW colleague, Teri-Anne, told me that four previously unreleased songs have been discovered!

I was going to include a link to allow you all to listen to these never heard before wonders, but as with all clever marketing ploys, they have been removed from everywhere, no doubt ahead of an iTunes release, but I did hear them and Girl Power surged through me like it did all those years ago. Right now, aged 32, I feel like I could get the hang of some Buffalo platform trainers and maybe even rock some pigtails, a la Baby Spice. I mean it wouldn’t look good, but does that matter?

Wasn’t the whole point of bringing together five tangibly different young women, to form one supergroup that could appeal to everyone, regardless of style, to encourage girls to be themselves? Or am I being too utopian and choosing to ignore the glaringly obvious money-making scheme that had nothing to do with feminism? Say what you like about The Spice Girls, I still believe that, individually, they all believed in Girl Power and have gone on to harness it in their own ways, so in my opinion, they did Spice up my life.

What about you?


  • Katie Lewis Katie Lewis says:

    I love this! I was completely obsessed with The Spice Girls when I was little and I think getting into them so young definitely ignited some kind of girl power in me and, thinking about it, probably dramatically shaped who I am as a woman today. So yes, they definitely spiced up my life! x

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