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Special needs

This is something which I hold dear to my heart.

I have two older boys who are exceptionally bright and exceeded my expectations in their exams. I also have a beautiful, caring little girl -my princess.

She struggled a little through school and found things difficult to absorb.  Don’t get me wrong she is super switched on and so very funny, just in education she has really struggled.

I was informed that she may have dyslexia and was tested.  It proved to be correct and was assisted with additional support.

The exams then started and she really did struggle,  I blamed myself for working so hard and not being a mum who could dedicate all of my time to help her.

I began dedicating a lot more time to her school work.  Then one day I received a dreaded phone call…..One which I will never forget!

My beautiful,  wonderful daughter needed to be placed on the special needs register!  I remember feeling like I had been stabbed. ….like it was somehow my fault! I should have done more or realised things were not the same as my boys.

This was like some kind of failure which I had to cope with.  I was simply heartbroken and wanted to deny that there was a problem.

I took myself off to find some answers. …..!

So basically my daughter just wasn’t absorbing as much as others, she was simply a little different and needed help.

I looked at all the options and made a plan. I bought more development books and started to read with her using colour Her dyslexia is a problem but it is amazing how much colour can help and improve understanding. We make games out of everything,  sums, spelling and writing.

When Nevaeh asks me something we use the spelling game and when we are shopping we use the maths game.

Birthday lists, shopping lists,  days planned and everything else we write together.  Numbers on road signs -where I now get told off……if I speed lol.

We are slowly improving but the problems will never go away. The funny thing is, it was I that took the news badly,  my wonderful daughter said ‘its ok mummy, I am just a little bit more special’.

I now understand that not one of us is perfect,  we all have a weakness but we are all individuals.

I have every confidence that she will excel in theatre or drama, I have the drama queen moments every night lol!

I am sure things will be a struggle in the future,  but as long as she is confident,  happy and a good person,  I couldn’t want more.

My princess is my cuddle monkey,  my reason for staying strong and my reason for understanding prejudice.

I love her to the moon and back…..Always have and always will!

To all other parents who face these challenges……As parents we could face far worse :)



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