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Social anxiety- Is it serious or an attention seeking method?

Social Anxiety. Is it to be taken seriously? Or is it a way of attention seeking?

Social anxiety or social phobia is a fear of being judged or evaluated in social/public situations, After chatting to people on the high streets of Liverpool and Manchester, this is what I have come up with:

I spoke to one lady who said: “The teens of today use this disorder to escape problems that they can’t be bothered doing, they are asked to present things in front of peers or colleagues, if they are un-prepared or don’t want to do it, they simply say I have social anxiety, I have witnessed this myself being a high school teacher.”

I also chatted to student, he said: “Social anxiety is very real and should be taken seriously, I have a friend who got so anxious in social meetings that it led them to self harm, not in the form cutting, in the form of starvation, he stopped eating, as a friend it was horrible to watch and stand in the back feeling so helpless knowing there was nothing you could of done to stop it.”

This battle has been around for a while, it may not be in the public eye, but it is alway there! In my opinion Social Anxiety should be taken seriously as it can lead to other problems and one can deteriorate very quickly. Some use it to get the attention of the one they love so they can see them above the rest or to reel in the attention of others to which they thrive off, others are genuinely effect by this disorder but are brushed away as ‘attention seekers’ or wanting their ’15 minutes of fame’.

Next time you see someone suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder ask for a quiet one-on-one chat, if they are genuine sufferers, offer them help, give them someone to talk to, don’t stand on the side-lines watching them slowly fade away.



  • Zoe Delaney Zoe Delaney says:

    You’re totally right, this disorder should definitely be taken more seriously. Lots of disorders under the heading of anxiety are written off as unimportant but it can have such a debilitating effect on people’s lives. Great article, hope it helps those out there who are suffering.

  • Katie Katie says:

    It’s annoying that some would use this as an excuse to get by in difficult situations when there are true sufferers out there that go through a real hard time. They are sometimes labelled as attention seekers when really it is the complete opposite! Social anxiety sufferers want anything BUT attention. I agree that the condition should be taken more seriously xx

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