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Sleep Training a Baby

As a mother, we believe we know everything when our little new-born is put into our arms for the first time. Some of us can be natural mothers; others have problems and struggle to bond. Either way, we still need to learn, and it doesn’t hurt to take advice. Whether or not we listen to it is up to us.

One of the main things parents struggle with is our child’s sleeping. There are those very lucky mums who have their children sleeping from 9-10pm through the night until 6am from two weeks old and I, for one, applaud them. It, however, can be hell getting them there in the first place. And when you have a 10-month-old baby refusing to sleep straight through, you know you need to put your foot down. One thing I was told was to try the crying technique. You put your child into their cot and leave them screaming their little hearts out for ten minutes. Then you go back in, cuddle them a moment, and then do the same thing again and again. It sounds heartless but those mums who persevere have great results. But it would need to be for the less feint-hearted parent as it is agonising for anyone to hear their little precious crying out for them.

My mother used to put on a CD of classical music when my brother and I were babies. They were lullaby-type pieces and calmed us to sleep. I was reluctant to try it myself but when I saw my daughter calming and enjoying classical music in the car, I decided to try it. And I coupled it with a specific bedtime, so at 9.30pm I would go up with my child, put the CD on and put her into her cot. She would immediately get up and scream as I left the room but I would shut the door and go downstairs.

Half an hour later the screaming would stop and she was sleep through the night. The sleep-training I was expecting to be hard but I wasn’t expecting the immediate result of sleeping right through until 8am the next morning, maybe even later. By the end of the week she had stopped crying when I put her down. So week by week the bedtime would be brought back half an hour. Now she goes to bed with no arguments just before 7pm and in the morning lies babbling happily in her cot until 8am.

All in all, a success. I would highly recommend this to any mother who is struggling to put their child down for the whole night. It gets their child appreciating music more and you would certainly get a peaceful night’s sleep for the first time in months!


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