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Does size really matter?

It is the age old question that is often debated by practically everyone at some point in their lives; does the size of a man’s equipment actually matter? Men seem to think that it is all about the size, often ending up bragging now and then about it –and for those curious enough, asking their current partners if theirs is the biggest or at least big enough. So does size really matter and would you like your man any less or even worse leave him, if he had a small penis?

The jury is out when it comes to penis size, but with the average being only 5.5 inches men should breathe a sigh of relief knowing that relatively small is ok, but men love their penises; from the very first day they are aware of it a relationship blossoms. They love it, fondle it, respect it, get angry at it, listen to its opinion and most of all get into trouble for it. Men, even if they don’t admit it, are obsessed with their penis and most live their lives in fear that their equipment is not big enough – we all know at least one man that won’t undress around others from fear. However, penises come in different shapes, races and most of all, sizes, so ladies… is bigger really better?

‘It’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean that matters’ and at least for me not a truer word can be said when it comes to male genitals. Perhaps I am different from others but I truly do not mind what size my partner is, they are my partner and the emotions we share go much deeper than what he is physically equipped with. Of course I am not foolish to state that if he only had a tiny penis I would be a little upset and doubtful about the pleasure it could give me but in my life it is not a deal breaker – you wouldn’t meet a guy in a bar and pull down his pants to see if it’s worth your time.

The bigger the penis, the more likely that it will end up hurting at some point or worst of all the man will believe that size is the only thing that matters and just go at it. The bigger penis can of course reach much deeper inside a woman and often pleasure her much better than a smaller one but that really doesn’t matter if all the man has going for him is pure size. As good as large is, if he doesn’t know what to do with what he has been given it is such a waste. Often it is those with smaller penises are better in bed, wanting to take time to please his woman to make sure she knows pleasure – perhaps it is over-compensation but you will never hear me complaining.

I think I speak for every woman when I say we want much more than a man with a large penis, we want him to be able to use it, to be able to please us in the right way so we will never think of another man ever again. However, this does not always happen, seeming a little more focused on the size of their equipment than the maintenance and the technique that they can achieve without much drastic help. After all they can’t overly change the size – unless they do something drastic- so why obsess over something that cannot be changed and work on something to utilise what you have to the best outcome. In my mind I would much rather have a man with a smaller penis and know that I will have some pleasure from him than to have a man with a big member and be worried about just how much it will hurt or how little he will end up pleasing.

Statistics have suggested however that more than half of women have refused sex or even got a step further and left their partner due to his penis being too small; also only a very small amount of women asked did the same but their reasoning was it was just too big for them. Leaving less than half of us simply happy with what we get; but the only way we will ever know if size does matter and how much it matters to us if we have not tried every size out there –something quiet impossible- in order to make a logical answer to this question. When you are truly happy with someone, finding that perfect truer love you don’t want it ruined by comparing his size to others you have had in the past or just how big you wish he was. Love is love, something to be cherished.

Women seem much more forgiving than men about their size, in a recent study well over half (85%) of the women asked were satisfied with their partners penis where as 55% of men were satisfied showing that men are a lot harsher upon themselves that us women will ever be.  Perhaps it is because we can look past what hangs between a man’s legs as see them as a complete person, not just what they can do for us in the bed room. Maybe it is a leftover of their primal instincts to state that their penis is bigger than everyone else’s, or even just bigger than it really is in order to seem superior within their social group when inside they are still just as insecure as every other man.

One thing that does sing through when looking into this topic is just how subjective it can be. Just like penises upon men are personal to them, what a woman prefers in her partner’s penis can be just as diverse. One woman may only like men with large members where as another will be terrified in seeing the beast and prefers something a little smaller. This question can never truly be answered without a shadow of a doubt as everyone is different – good job there are different ones out there for us all.  One thing that can be said without worry is that women much prefer a man that knows what he is doing in the bedroom, even if it is just mostly surrounding foreplay. All women need to be pleasured.

There is much more to life than the length of a man’s member, the size of his personality, the amount he makes you happy, both of these should come first. Size cannot be changed and in this busy world it is slowly becoming harder to meet the perfect man, ticking all those personality boxes and then also ticking those physical boxes too. So wait out for Mr Perfect Size if you like but I would much rather have Mr Try Hard and make the best that we can. You never know, you might explore new things together to make the motion of the ocean really rocky.

 So women I ask you, if you are brave enough to answer, does size really matter?


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