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Simply be yourself

Being yourself is the best thing you can be. Why? If you want to make your way in the world you have find your paths and mistakes are meant to be learned from, not repeated.

Family can always ‘bail you out’ but this makes you too dependent on them and leads to bad relationships within the family. At eighteen, your mistakes begin to matter so we need to learn to think before acting upon impulse, or risk walking into danger.

If not you are emotionally fit for marriage, because you do not listen to anyone but yourself, then why not be a follower of fashion instead. Make decisions that affect only you as though it might seem selfish, you are doing a great service to others who would be hurt by your lack of empathy. Money will always play some part in your life, so learn how to use it properly or at least control it. What you earn should go up not down, but maybe you need to learn some lessons the hard way, while you find your true self.

Remember that other people are not always the problem, rather, your way of doing things may bring you trouble. People are too fascinated with the dark side of life, whereas I myself prefer the lights side. Try travelling, going to gigs, enjoying hobbies and make your world bigger not smaller. Imagine discovering great things and finding friends who can share them with you.

A short story: a girl asks her mother who she is and she replies “you are you”. She goes away to find out what this means and finds her way in life, while some end up in the gutter from bad advice dished out by people who do not know her.

The moral, throughout life is don’t let others you decide your place for you, it is yours to create, enjoy and embrace.


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