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Signs that you are overstressed!!

Not many of us know when we are at our limit until its too late!! Believe me, I know! We only get one life, one body and one family! Our health is so important… Evaluate your life…

Below are six signs that you are overdoing it!!

  • Regular upset stomach…bloating, diarrhoea or that ‘sickly’ feeling can all be stress related
  • A change in your cycle…..
  • Drinking too much … masking your stress
  • Flu like symptoms… low immune system from a worn out body!
  • Losing your hair…..
  • Not sleeping very well, if at all!…too much going on in your mind that stops you from ‘switching off’

Below are some tips to help manage your stress levels!

  • Number one has to e exercise! I promise you will feel so much better after a good sweaty work out!
  • Write things down… I keep a diary on my notepad of everything thats going on or that needs doing!
  • Read positive books or quotes! I love reading American business books! They are very inspiring and inspirational!
  • Obviously.. try to avoid the stressful situations
  • Delete negative people from your life!

Any other helpful hints and tips, please share!!



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