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Sexuality? Think before you speak.

Recently I watch a video posted by a certain internet personality about sexuality, I won’t be saying who this person is as I don’t want to be grouped into what I’m about accuse them of doing.

This said person was talking about how sexuality is a choice and I felt so moved by this that I wanted to give my own thoughts on the subject. I have always felt very strongly that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that it is very important to respect that so I will try to do just that as well as putting my own one forward.

I want to start by saying that I feel sexuality is not a choice. In the same way I did not decide to be straight or female it is something I just am and what I identify with.

I myself thought I might be gay or bisexual through some of my teens years and was given the space, time and support to explore that. I look back on this as being a totally natural process when you go through puberty and should be treated with respect and understanding so you can come to your own conclusions of yourself. It is not something to belittled or brushed off a faze, it a very important time in a young persons life where they are finding out who they are or want to be.

As we all know there is a huge amount of ignorance and fear around gay or bisexuals so in some cases when people come out as being just that they are bullied and segregated from certain societies. This can have some very serious consequences depression, self hate and suicide just to name a few.

That being said I feel that this person has done this video just to get high views and more subscribers so this is the main part I’m pretty upset with. You should always be aloud to have your say that is one of your rights but with that comes a responsibility to be respectful of others and I feel that line was crossed for something so meaningless as internet fame.

To take a subject that is not only extremely delicate but also at the heart of much distress for many people and tell them that they have brought this on themselves is very thoughtless. Even more so for someone who has such a huge platform which could be used for some much more than blaming people for their own struggles.

Most important is this you are who you are! The most important relationship you will have in your life is the one you have with yourself and if you can be at peace with who you are then that is the start of true happiness.

Below are some links to support websites if you or anyone you know is need of support.



 See you on the next one! Much love! Xxx


  • Rebecca Clarke Rebecca Clarke says:

    This article was just fabulous! Obviously, subjects such as sexuality and peoples are opinions on them can differ according to religious beliefs etc but I think the negative stigma attached to the labels is something that has been introduced from pure ignorance. Your article was though provoking to say the least. I think there needs to be much larger consequences for discrimination against sexuality as I believe it’s often overlooked. Great work, keep writing. xx

    • Charlotte Charlotte says:

      Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely and encouraging comment! Sexuality is such an unexplored subject and there is still some much unknown about it that often leads to fearful reactions so only by talking about it will we be able to move forward. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and thank you so the big confidence boost it’s means a lot. X x x

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