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Sexercise – sex is the new exercise

Yes, (tried and tested) there are some great sex positions that are a fab form of exercise. Okay, so may be we all shouldn’t give the gym a complete miss, but having energetic sex frequently, is not only great fun for you and your spouse, but it will also help you tone up that body. What is not to like, right?!

The missionary position, man on top, as i’m sure you know, is always a good fall back, when you want sex but don’t perhaps have the full energy to be bothered. If you throw yourself into it though and thrust back whenever your partner thrusts, you will work your core muscles. Just make sure you thrust and lift with your core muscles and not your lower back, you could really do your back in – try explaining that one to your boss at work. Squeezing your bum each time too, will help tone up that gorgeous behind of yours.

The cowgirl position, for us girls on top, is much like riding a horse – the same muscles are used anyway. Your pelvic and lower abs get a good workout as well as having to balance with your core muscles, especially if you rise up on your feet and virtually squat over your partner. This is not just a good workout for your muscles, but also will intensify the experience for your partner.

The one the men like – doggy style sex uses similar muscles to when we are having sex in the missionary position. The core works really hard because we are having to stabilize ourselves, whilst on all fours. In this position, we often squeeze our bums to counter the impact – tone that bum! This position is also a good workout for your arms and upper body strength.

Apparently the scissors sex position is the most leisurely way to have sex (who knew?!) , but that doesn’t mean that you don’t use your muscles and give them a workout. Yes, because your legs are intertwined with your partners, there is little room for maneuver or need for speed, but because you will still be squeezing your inner-thigh, your central core will naturally contract anyway.

The sitting lotus sex position is similar to that of the missionary position as it is rather passive. However, the core is still working to help stabilize your body and your bum cheeks are clenching away as you thrust – another fab bum workout. Your lower abs will get a workout too as you have to hold yourself on top of your partner’s legs.

In the arch sex position, you rest on your shoulders and use your legs to hold your lower body up off the bed – your partner will help hold your legs up while he thrusts. This position probably uses the most muscles. Muscles that you will use include, triceps, biceps, quads, calves and your bum, as well as your all important core to help hold your body – just don’t strain yourself. Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself, you are having sex after all.

So, there it is, your new workout plan! Okay, so not exactly, but surely a more fun and interesting way to tone your muscles than spending time at the gym. Just don’t go shouting about it at the school gates tomorrow.


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