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So. ….you are single, smart and haven’t found the one!!

You have a relationship with someone who you know doesn’t feel the same as you but somehow you still miss them!

Is it the kisses, the cuddles, their personality, or simply the fact that they are amazing in bed!!!!

The booty call………the drunken night when you just need them! Is it right or wrong?

Is the next day rejection really worth some incredible sex? Is it a high or a real low?

Sex is something which may mask the craving of love for a short time of attention.  Thinking we are strong and can deal with sex only…..do we then have the right to even ask is there someone else they are sleeping with?

If someone has made it very clear you are not the one but you choose to still sleep with them…..does this mean that you will secretly hope they will change their mind to be with you?

Sometimes it is easier to stick with what you know than explore something new which may lead to rejection …….and dreadful sex!!!

I don’t think there is any right or wrong answers just be sure that sex isn’t a relationship and don’t expect to not feel used, when that is exactly what is being offered!

Have more respect for yourself and find the guy who really loves you and not just likes you!

If you don’t set your own high standards then don’t expect to be treated the way you really want!



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