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Eye Makeup

The Secret To cat eye make up

The eyes are arguably the most noticeable part of the face, the windows to the soul as they say. When you’re talking to someone, their gaze will usually be on your eyes, so it’s important that they don’t look like pissholes in the snow, unless you’re into that. We all see those little dolly girls with gigantic cat eyes that look like each blink of those fan-like lashes should send a gust of wind through the room, but what’s their secret? Well, genetics. But we can at least make ours look as much like that as humanly possible with our plain old genes.

Step 1: Your eye looks lonely, give it some black eyeliner for company. Draw a thin straight line across your upper lid and carry it on a little after the outer corner, ending it in a very slight flick. I have demonstrated below on my very own pissholes, complete with black and white visual effects.


Step 2: It’s nearly Autumn and your poor eyelashes are flapping around as naked as a baby, bundle them up in layer upon layer of mascara or you’ll fail as a mother. I would highly recommend L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga mascara; never before have my lashes been so long and elegant. However, only coat your upper lashes. If you do the bottom ones as well, the size of your eye will be clearly defined (especially from a distance) so it will make them look smaller. Another tip is to put white eyeliner just above the bottom lashes. Hopefully you don’t need a demonstrative image to see how mascara should look.

Step 3: Your eyeballs are looking über doe-like now, but hold your god damn horses, we’re not done. You need to take some eye-shadow (I use eye shadow crayons) in either pale purple, a darker peach, or what I used, which was tan-brown. Rub some onto your fingertip and swipe it under your eye, then rub it in so it only leaves a slight discolouration and you don’t look like a raccoon. This will make your eyes look more round and complete the look. It should look something like this, only not rushed and done in the bathroom at 11 pm:


Be careful not to look too gorgeous and don’t wink at too many hunks, it’s just cruel.


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