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The Search For The Perfect Christmas Present

Is it just me or is Christmas on steroids this year? You can’t go anywhere without being slapped in the face with tinsel, trees or cheesy Christmas music. And it’s not even December yet! Is it like this every year and I’ve just never noticed?

With Christmas everywhere, I have started to feel the pressure to get my Christmas shopping done! Usually I am an early bird when it comes to presents, however this year I’m struggling. Already I have a few failed trips to the shops under my belt, resulting in empty hands and annoyance.

As a shopaholic, an excuse to over shop is welcomed, and when it’s shopping for other people, I love it even more. But I have a problem. I have to find every person the perfect present. I can’t bear settling unless I think someone will jump for joy as soon as the wrapping is ripped open. And this means many lists, many hours spent online shopping for ideas and so so many hours wandering the aisles of every shop on my local high street, searching for that one present that will make each member of my family feel loved at Christmas!

I have even more of an expectation this year too, as last year I was away for work at Christmas time (it was awful!! Never ever leave home for Christmas) and had to do all my festive shopping in the space of 5 days before I left the UK. Needless to say, my family looked more puzzled than pleased over Skype as I had taken the ‘that will have to do approach’ to my gifts. This year needs to be special.

However, my search has come to a stand still as all the shops seem to be selling all the same boring generic stuff as they do every year. How often can you buy a person socks? What is personal about smellies? How many make up bags does one girl need? And when I ask my family and friends what they would like, I’m greeted with a shrug, or “Nothing really.”

My family are a tough crowd too. I hate buying for my Dad, he is the fussiest person I know and is not one to indulge. If you don’t NEED it then don’t have it should be his motto. One year I bought him a Coronation Street mug. In my head it made sense, he drinks tea and watches the show religiously. But as he pulled off the paper he said “What will I use this for? I have a mug!”

I also have another problem being that my sister lives in Australia, meaning I have to not only think about the size and weight of every present I buy for her and her fiancé, but that in the heat of the Australian summer, they probably won’t appreciate a hat and scarf set.

As the days tick away and we edge closer to the 25th of December, my search continues for that perfect gift for everyone! If you need me, I’ll be at the shops!


  • lol, Elle! In the good ol’ USA , our shops start pushing Christmas just before Halloween!
    I shop all year…if I see a great gift in May, I’ll stash it away. I like to be organized, but mostly I like not being hit with a HUGE credit card bill in January.
    The perfect gift? I have yet to find one :)

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