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Scary vs sexy Halloween

Let’s get one thing straight. Whether you are a child or a grown up, Halloween is one of the very few times of year you can be as immature as you want and delve into a sugar induced coma with no fear of returning to normal life. But, there is one vital difference; the costume. As a child I could be as scary, disgusting and ugly as possible to gain respect among my peers in the classroom. Now let’s choose a Halloween costume as a grown up female…

I have spent the last couple of weeks travelling the world wide web and through all the googling, pinteresting and instagramming I’ve completed, it’s seemingly impossible to find an outfit I am happy to wear to a party in which family and friends will actually see me. Whether I want to be a super scary film character, generic creepy ghoul or sinister witch, I CANNOT do so without it being a ‘sexy’ version of said style. Try it. Search for ‘Women’s Halloween costume’. The first four rows of results gave me one outfit which I would feel comfortable in, parading around my kitchen offering my fellow ghouls a fluorescent green cocktail.

Perhaps my most favourite example of this whole charade is in one of the classic films I grew up with; Mean Girls. In this film, the main character dresses as a vengeful zombie bride and when she arrives at the cool kids’ party, full of sexy bunnies and semi-naked zombies, she is simply greeted with “Why are you dressed so scary?”

Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe I should embrace the opportunity to dress as naughty and as revealing as possible, with no risk of being as disgrace to my family name. But on the other hand, when the heck will I get the opportunity again to dress as a freaky clown puppet and test out my artistic skills with creative face paints? Do all the other invitees feel the same as me? Will they turn up as sexy kittens and naughty devils? Will I be the only one at the party as an actual freak? Or will they turn up scary if I give in to the mischievous styles on offer in store?

I think I’ve found the happy medium. DIY. Making my own Halloween costume means I can make it as scary and as unusual as possible and I can make it as feminine or sexy as I wish, whilst maintaining my desire to be a freak for the evening. I feel I have the art of zombie clown makeup mastered and along with my normal clothes with a few super strange accessories, I will look like a female freak. I will not look sexy and draw attention to my bottom; I will draw attention to my creative flair, fancy ideas and fresh take on a male character from a movie.

Watch this space party goers. Finding the sexiest outfit out there isn’t the way to do it. Respect now comes from finding creative flair and surprising guests with something they didn’t think of and wouldn’t have pulled off. That in itself is a pretty sexy trait, so I’m told.

If you want a Halloween outfit done properly, do it yourself.


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