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Have Your Say: Gender Equality – part two

Due to a large amount of response to my article Have Your Say: Gender Equality, I’ve had to split the article into two parts. It really is incredible to read so many different opinions on a topic that affects our daily lives. A large percentage of the people I questioned believed that gender equality is unachievable and maybe we are all right in what we say. The problem lies with us; therefore the solution must come from us too.

If we don’t change the language we use or change the way we segregate the world according to gender we will never see a change. The only reason we have got to the point we have is because women were tired of being the weaker sex, we were tired of feeling oppressed by society’s standards, so we took action. Although a lot has changed in recent years, I believe that some things are set in stone and are not meant to change, gender stereotypes is one of those things that we have to live with. Unless the entire world has an attitude change, gender equality will always be an issue.

Below are the remaining quotes that I collected from men and women I know:

I don’t think we will ever achieve gender equality in society. As individuals we are all good at different things. It seems unfair to generalise genders as a whole. The world is a better place for its diversity and healthy competition. If we were all equal the world would be a dull place. I think it should be looked at from the perspective that all individuals should be treated equal. A man and woman going for the same position should be looked at by the skills they provide, not by their gender for the position – Danni Smurthwaite.

I think equal rights is achievable but I don’t think it will be achieved due to the society that we live in were just too stubborn to see that the way we generalise men and women is wrong – Sophie Percival.

Overall, I think that because some improvements have been made to society it is assumed that all is now ok. Because women can now vote and work, society no longer needs fixing. It’s a ridiculous idea! Yes we can vote but look at the House of Commons/ or lords … Is there as many men as women? Are we therefore truly equal? Yes we can work but are we paid equally? No! I know employers who don’t interview girls under thirty due to the belief they might go on pregnancy leave, is it therefore equal? Are we paid the same? Are there an equal number of managers? Why is there a glass ceiling? All questions that need to be answered – Samantha Green.

The question is whether women in this day and age would be perceived to have an equal right in this current world. Asking whether a woman has the same capabilities as a man is a different question. Some women are in fact are more capable in completing tasks efficiently than men, and some men are more capable in doing tasks than women. The issue revolves around societal attitudes of a woman’s right and not the mere physicality or capability of a woman. I personally don’t think we’d achieve women’s rights in our lifetime or any time soon. There are currently issues regarding racism and inequality that, despite the CRM, are still occurring to this day. Currently studying the law as a university student, I can say that the law is definitely man’s creation. There are currently a lot of inadequacies to address the issues of gender equality in the law. To have the law govern us as individuals in society, we are already bound to a society that’s already restricted to progress in gender equality. Precedent and the law are not easily malleable and take a grand process to reform. Again, we all have to follow the law and for the law to govern us in an already male-dominated biased perspective on everyday life, whether we progress any time soon to achieve gender equality is a question of mere societal need. Does our current society think that gender equality is an issue that’s fundamental to address? I personally don’t think so – Patricia Heng.

I don’t think gender equality can be achieved until people stop damning the opposite gender. Like some men say derogatory things about women which leads some women to think badly of all men. Until the mudslinging stops I don’t think we’ll be truly equal because each gender thinks their own is better – Amanda Young.

We will never have gender equality. Genders are separated into social structures. The separation is built into human minds from an early age by governments, the law and parental influences. Different religions worldwide still deal with gender discrimination. In some countries, it is still illegal for women to drive cars and many women are forced to marry strangers. Also, slavery is still happening in some countries as well. Many countries make it difficult for both genders to be equal in society. However, here in the UK, we have more gender equality than we have ever had – Alan Barlow.

We all want equal rights/equal pay. And like everyone has stated that it if someone wants a job it should be for their skills not their gender. But you also have to think, relating back to your previous article about being a woman- it was stated that woman are capable of doing many things, giving birth, helping others etc. Perhaps the only way to answer this question is to see what men like about being a man. Women are capable of doing the same as men. The woman is able to nurture and care for her loved ones and family. Even when her job demands her attention, the woman will always have mother’s instinct but a man doesn’t. Studies have shown that when a baby cries the woman will wake up but the man won’t straight away. But if someone broke in your house it is more likely that the man will wake up. (Programmed?) Women have been categorised as house wives and because of this we will never have the equal rights. Either because of the past like everyone has said or perhaps, however much we try to get equal rights we won’t because it’s programmed into every human. I’m all for equal rights but I feel it may take a very long time before everyone stops thinking that women have to look after the kids whilst the man works. In this day and age men and women are doing the same jobs, but in the back of everyone’s mind we think ‘is this really how it should be?’ Raechal Holt

This is such a good question but so hard to answer I think. You see endless videos of women being wolf whistled at but sometimes we can be just as bad! I think we all just need to start appreciating each other and stop with the ‘seeing each other as objects’ – Rebecca Lawrence.

I think Gender Equality lies with women, if you don’t think, feel or act like you aren’t equal to men then you won’t be treated any different. I have ran a bar and restaurant, travelled the world and DJ’ed in nightclubs in the Isle of Man and Switzerland. If there has been any sexism or misogyny along the way it has never affected me. I stood my ground as a manager against a male millionaire owner. I have argued with an (older generation) chef who only wanted to deal with my male partner, because he couldn’t seem to understand that I was the General Manager but at no point have I felt unequal. I think equality is a state of mind; it’s a decision that women make based on how they feel. You make your decisions, you choose your path and you choose to allow other people’s words, views or opinions to affect (or not affect) your life – Teri Anne.

Thank you to all of my family members and friends who contributed to Have Your Say: Gender Equality – part two. A new topic will be discussed next week, if you have any ideas feel free to message me. Comment below with your opinions on gender equality.


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