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A sanity saver

Everyone needs a safe haven. Somewhere they can go relax, unwind and forget about the stresses of the day, week, month or even year (you sang that, right?). When life is getting a little bit much we need a place to go, even celebrities do. Most have their own little islands dotted about the ocean with white sand, blue sea and tropical fish. Those that don’t own an island have a hotel, or a holiday home or at the very least a private suite in a swanky hotel that costs more to rent for the weekend than purchasing your average 3 bedroom house.

I’ve got one. No I don’t mean an island, I mean a safe haven – a place I go to switch off. It’s the bath tub, yep that’s right my bath, that’s my safe haven – granted I have to wait for the children to be asleep before I can shut the door and relax, otherwise it’s like a scene from a kids film (think dumbo meets free willy) . With my 4 year old climbing on the toilet and dive bombing in to join me and my two year old following suit – usually fully dressed, water, bubbles and body parts fly everywhere – not fun at all. Roll on 8:30 however and I can shut the door, turn up the heat, add some bubbles, grab a good book and glass of wine and I am instantly transported to a million miles away from my troubles.

My safe haven isn’t only my escape route it’s also my thinking zone where I can lose myself in my own creative thoughts and plan my next article, training session or project. I try and make sure I escape from reality at least once a week, more if I can  (don’t worry I shower on the other days!). I feel having a safe haven is really important for our emotional wellbeing. It allows us to just calm down, reflect and put life back into perspective. For some people (usually men) this will be a shed where they can tinker with tools and convince themselves (if not us) that they aren’t really relaxing but actually doing very important man jobs. For others, sport is their go to place, a quick release of endorphins and the stress has melted away. Or perhaps you prefer to book yourself in for a massage or manicure and for those celebrities amongst us, obviously this is where your holiday homes or private islands come in handy.

Whatever or wherever your safe haven is, it’s important that you acknowledge it for what it really is, an integral part of maintaining your emotional wellbeing, your necessary action to fight the stresses of the world, your place to recharge and recuperate to maintain your superhero status. If you haven’t got one, think, maybe you do have a go to place but haven’t realised it yet. If you still haven’t got one, get one, get one now!

A safe haven is a sanity saver, what saves your sanity?


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