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Sail those troubles away…

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Relax your mind and prepare to escape those black clouds that hover over you.

Keep your eyes closed and imagine that you are alone on a tropical beach with pure white sands and clear turquoise waters. You are standing by the water’s edge which brushes against your legs. Your toes are buried in the sand, your hair is dancing to the brisk sea breeze and the only sound to your ears is the calm ocean waves.
You’re looking straight forward and in the distance you see a large black boat. This boat is called the Sad boat and it is about to sail further and further away until it disappears, never coming back. Before the Sad boat can go on to do this it will need some negativity, so it stops right where you are looking to receive the fuel it needs. 
 Now is your opportunity to release every single negative thought or feeling inside of you that is holding you back from happiness. Take every trouble in your life right now and dump it all onto the boat.  Every worry you have, every bad feeling you feel, chuck it all in. No time to hesitate. Don’t hold back. Throw it all away. 
Now your head is clear from all things negative, the Sad boat has what it needs to carry on. You watch the Sad boat sail further into the distance along with all your troubles. Wave goodbye, walk away and don’t look back. Open your eyes. Your troubles are gone. x 



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