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Sabrina’s Dream About Him…

Wow! He was handsome and tall. Nicely built and his voice had just enough timbre to wet your panties. Sabrina doesn’t recall his name, but, she’ll call him Langdon. Here’s the strange set-up; a discussion began with something to do with possible boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Then it evolved into a trial of sorts. To engage in a sexual relationship with someone that you only know casually. Now that Sabrina thinks about it, the trial was being held in a college class. Anyways, this particular day they were having a group discussion about the latest encounter between two of the other members. The scenario read something like this: the female participant became sexually aroused and was allowed to choose a partner to help satisfy her needs. Now, men, on the norm, is easily aroused, so therefore, the men in the trials would agree and each couple walked away to a separate room to have their tryst. However, there’s a rule that had to be followed, no kissing. Kissing could lead to an emotional connection and the whole point is to monitor “sexual only” interactions. Sabrina immediately thinks about “Pretty Woman” LOL! But, is the concept factual? Hence the experiment. So, Sabrina is watching these couples go to private rooms and walk away to avoid watching them. Oh that’s right; the rooms have uncovered windows which allowed viewing.

The couple returned to the group which reconvened shortly afterwards. Foreplay, enjoyment, time, technique, positions, and ultimately gratification are discussed.

Sabrina is now nervous and realising that this is an experiment that she no longer wants to participate in, she turns around to walk away and come face to face with Langdon. He grins and asks her where she was going and she replies with “home”. Langdon takes her hand and gives her a kiss on the lips. WOW! Sabrina is speechless, her heart begins to beat triple time and she is flushed all over. Then she begins to smile foolishly and look at him with a surprise and a question in her eyes. It is at that point that Sabrina wonders if Langdon is feeling her like she is feeling him. Then all of a sudden, Langdon is gone and Sabrina is waking up. Turning every which way, she realizes that she is in her own bed and the vision of Langdon was only a dream!

Later that week, Sabrina finds herself at lunch with her best friend, Laura. They each share their past weeks’ experiences.

“Okay, so, Laura, I had this crazy dream a few nights ago”, says Sabrina. She goes into detail about the dream and Laura is left panting up until the end, because everything that Sabrina had just shared with her was a build-up to excitement.

“So”, Laura feeling her friend’s frustration says “I know how you feel. I mean, you had this gushy feeling of something that is about to take place with this gorgeous guy and then you wake up and realise it’s never going to happen. And, not only that, to realise it’s not with Langdon.”

“I know, right?” replied Sabrina. “I was very bummed out. What was the purpose of that dream I wonder?”, asks Sabrina. The women look at each other and shake their heads.

“Maybe it’s telling you that you’re about to meet the one man for you that won’t be a repeat of your past relationships, maybe someone who will be able to satisfy you in every way”.  This was Laura’s response.

“I don’t know”, replied Sabrina. “Maybe, it’s more about my sexuality. I mean it has been several months if not a year since I’ve had any sex. But, I have to admit the feelings that I was experiencing were very intense. It’s like he had lightly touched my skin, but at the same time had touched my very soul”, wondered Sabrina out loud.

“Or what if it was more like God was telling you not to worry about a relationship with another man right now and to concentrate on you and your relationship with Him. Maybe, you are finally letting God into your heart and, therefore, growing up spiritually. Maybe the experiment was a conformist type of situation. The fact that everyone is so caught up in casual sex and the whole acceptance of it nowadays. And, the feeling of Him touching your very soul could be Him finally reaching your heart because you have let Him in. You have been very happy and confident lately. You’ve been going to church more and you even have your daily personal devotion time with Him”, said Laura.

“You know what, you might be right, Laura. I mean all of this and at a time where I am more calm in my life and don’t have all of that drama to distract me from my goals. Which, the main one was to get closer to God and strengthen my relationship with Him. The fact that I didn’t want to participate in the experiment, but rather felt a serene happiness at the touch of Him within my soul. I think we just solved the puzzle”, says Sabrina and she quietly laughs.

What do you think of Sabrina’s explanation? Although the story is fictional, it is something that many women of God aspire to do. To open herself up to God so that she can become his vessel for herself as well as for others that she might be able to help. It reminds me of the book by Bishop T.D. Jakes, called “The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord”: EXCELLENT READ!!!

Ladies, as women, we have so much to contend with that without God’s foundation within ourselves, life would be that much more difficult to navigate. At the end of the day, we need someone to lean on and to share our dreams, fears, mistakes, accomplishments, questions, goals, etc. To give over to God our mind, body, and soul. Whether, you are married, or in a relationship, or not; God is there for everyone and He cherishes us. Bishop T.D. Jakes have God’s gift of translating all of this into a language that we can understand. Thank you and SMILE…


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