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Running, Running…Ran

Just been out for my first run since having my little lady. I decided that it was high time I attempted to get fit, I’ve been feeling really sluggish and lethargic lately. My husband thinks yoga is the answer to anything so he suggested I start practicing yoga and assured me the results would be amazing. I tried it for 3 weeks. I did it twice a day and by the end of the 3 weeks I still couldn’t reach my toes so I gave up and decided to give running a try instead. Although to call it a run is probably stretching the truth slightly. I always used to enjoy going to the gym and occasionally I would have periods spent on the treadmill happily jogging away listening to some lame 90’s dance music. What I didn’t factor into the equation is that A) treadmill running is very different (and by different I mean easier) to outdoor running because the ground is effectively moving for you so the effort you have to put in is minimal and B) Its been almost 2 years since I actually did any serious exercise. I’ve always wanted to be ‘a runner’, you hear them say things like ‘it’s the only time when I can truly be away from all my thoughts and just be me’ or ‘its such a stress buster, you can just run and not have to think or worry about anything’. Now these are the kinds of things I liked the sound of.

I decided to bring my husband along for moral support. I was looking forward to emptying my mind and being away from all my worries and thoughts. Always quite a keen runner and avid fitness fanatic, this was perhaps not the best idea. We did some stretching and off we went. We built up by walking first. Him walking at the speed of light and me practically having to run to keep up. I started jogging and was thinking I was already feeling tired when my husband tells me that I am actually going to same pace as we were when we walking, only now I was adding in some arm movements and a bit of a canter. I needed to speed up. I sped up. I got a stitch. I started to remember why I always used to go the gym and not take part in this outdoor running lark. As for ‘getting away from my thoughts’ that’s a joke. All I could think of was how much my feet were hurting and my back was really starting to ache, my shoulder was hurting because I didn’t stretch enough and I was out of breath. By this point my stitch was really starting to hurt, I had to stop. My husband starts his motivational speech but I cut him off mid sentence “Listen” I say in what I hope is a firm tone “I have grown a tiny human being in my body and gave birth to that tiny human. My body is not like it once was (not that it was ever exactly tip top), I’m tired, I’m exhausted, my feet hurt, I’m too hot because I wore these stupid running pants that are long and tight and my stitch really hurts. So if I say I need to stop, I need to STOP!” As you might imagine this did not get things off to a good start. We continued round the park at a canter until I just got fed up and said I wasn’t running anymore.

3 hours and a hot soak later and my legs are still aching. So much for being a runner. My husband asks if I’m just going to give up. Yes I am. I might take up a more gentle exercise like yoga…


  • Margot says:

    I had a good chuckle at this one, thank you. But not at your expense! Mostly around the bit where runners say (usually with a dreamy expression) about how they can get away from their thoughts etc etc. I won’t lie – I’ve said the same thing! (minus dreamy expression) But I think we have a tendency to romanticise running when we’re not actually running! It can be hard and anything but fun sometimes. But I’ve found eventually, 9 times out of 10, I get into it and feel really good for having done it afterwards. Don’t give up! (And maybe trade your running partner in for a slower, more feminine version? No offence to your husband – good on him for encouraging you!) :-p

  • Zoe Delaney Zoe Delaney says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words! I’ve not ran since but I do want to get back into it but as you say perhaps with a different partner!

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