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Running the Road

Running is the easiest and free way to keep fit. Releasing all your worries and sharing them with the long road ahead. The freedom of being able to lace up your trainers and run to the beats from your headphones is still be a fast free way to get in shape. Gym lovers love to pump some iron and run on a treadmill for an hour, but running on the concrete roads are atill and seem to be increasing in favouring the nature trail instead of the running machine in the sweaty gym.

Every morning I see runners on my way into work, seeming determined and driven…especially to get up that early and run before work! The admiration you feel and the inspiration you get from watching someone run down the streets In every weather condition is uplifting. I’m sure there are so many people that watch those educated people run down the road and vow to run that evening, that week, that month. But there’s something about those dedicated runners who have caught the bug…the running bug. And those people are the people everyone envys.

Running the landscapes, drowning out your worries and letting you stress leave your body and get left behind as you race ahead. For this article I have spoken to a few devout runners and the passion and enthusiasm in their voice is almost intriguing. Like with anything, whether it be diet or exercise or the love for a certain band or group. The whole hearted believers and lovers will have so much spirit In their voices they have the ability to make anyone with any doubts, find their undying love for that sport or music endearing and motivational.

For all you Women Make Waves readers, I want you to all go out and try to take the road by the horns and leave your stress and worries behind you. Try running on the road instead of the treadmill. See what benefits you gain and feel and if you catch the running bug then let me know…

Good luck!

Love Aryana x (envious runner)


  • Pinkmoon Pinkmoon says:

    I can so identify with what you say. I have been running for around 5 years now, and truly love it, even though every time I run, I find it a challenge! Not only does it keep my body trim, but it helps massively with my state of mind. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing out there, I will run. In fact, I prefer to run when it’s cold and rainy – there is something quite invigorating about that.

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