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Role-play: Not just in the bedroom.

For most the phrase ‘role-play’ links to the bedroom or even people dressing up in a field to take part in battles and so much more; while both of these are true I speak of something else, a new layer of role-play. The Oxford English Dictionary states that role-playing is “the changing of one’s behaviour to fulfil a social role” but in this form of role-play that I speak of it is much more creative. Not every creative mind will have the time to sit down and write a wonderful full length piece of fiction, some even just have the spark to create a character or a simple scenario without knowing the full bigger story. This is where the world of role-play comes into life to allow those with little time, with only the starting spark to create marvellous pieces of fiction.

This aspect of role-play is not as foreign as it sounds, we all know of creative writing, being an author; this is the same except you can write with other people to develop a story to its full potential. There are many places where this can take place, filled with like-minded people who all wish to create their own personal story and help others with their stories. There are many areas of the internet that have sites especially created for the sole purpose of role-playing but as numbers have increased within this hobby and times changing with increasing use of social media it is no surprise to see role-play taking place in such social sites as Twitter, Tumblr and even Facebook.

With the numbers of people, male and female, taking part in the role-play community growing by the day there are more and more realms of imagination to be explored. Why limit yourself to your own imagination, within this community you can explore everyone else’s imagination and develop new ideas and characters within story after story. Your only limit is yourself. Why not leave the real world reality behind and become something or someone you have always wanted to me; the possibilities are endless. Gods and goddesses, Vampires, angels and werewolves, these and so many more can be found in this community. Earth, heaven, hell, a distant planet, a magical glade or even a parallel universe the realms to be discovered are limitless, take a wander and see what you can find, who you can find.

The role-play community can be a little different depending on where you chose to stretch your creative reach. For those specifically created for the members to roleplay are wonderful places to meet new people and develop your writing skills. Most created sites have various platforms catering for every person’s need from site chats, to personalised groups and blogs. One site that I know of, and am part, of they have two site chats; one is a simple single room based wherever those within that chatroom wishes for it to be, the other has many rooms for people to interact within, everything from a simple tavern to a nymph park and an arena. These chatrooms can suit everyone’s imagination and the characters that they can create, never a place to feel left out. If the instant chat does not suit a person’s creativity or interests there is the groups that can be created and turned into whatever is wished for, adding as much or as little details as is wished.

Length of your writing does not matter, everything from one line to several paragraphs and more there will always be someone willing to create something with you; male, female or transgender it does not matter, not in this community. It does not matter who you are within the real world, a high powered CEO, a student or even part of those unemployed, all that matters to those within the community is the characters you can create and the stories you can generate. Connections can be found with those you write with, being able to find friends around the world even in places you had never thought of; all brought together by the written world and pure imagination.

This roleplay community is a place to lose yourself, to fully immerse yourself, for however long, into being someone else and exploring magic, love, war, life and death all within the written word. Reading is evolving crossing various mediums, from the traditional books to ebooks and even blogs so why should writing be any different. Instead of writers being tied down to the limits of their own imagination, writing completely by themselves but with role-play they no longer have to be alone with only their imagination and ideas. So many realms and characters linger in the back of your mind, waiting to be explored.

Role-play is perfect for those wanting to explore their ability to write, wanting to expand their vocabulary and their quality, possibly even wanting to become a published author.  Aspiring authors have to start somewhere and with the writing community in roleplay growing in numbers there are plenty to guide them through every level of writing skill and imaginative creation.  Who knows the next bestselling author could come from the modest background such as this.

So why not try something new and join one of the fastest growing creative community with branches all over the world. Create spectacular tales spreading from the Earth, to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to even magical realms. Within the written world your wildest ideas can come true, delve deeper than you ever thought hand in hand with a community of writers. Writing no longer has to be a solo path, a lonely road now travelled with friends and like minded people always.


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