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Rivals in love

Were you ever pursued by someone charming that you initially resisted because your 6th sense warned you he is a player, but you still succumbed to his charms, gave him the benefit of doubt, went ahead and started dating? If you did or didn’t, this is typically what  happens with Mr. Charmer.

You find yourself in a vortex of passion with Mr. Charmer, all that sizzling chemistry on the first date and lo and behold before you know it, you have passionately fallen for him. You’ve never felt like this with anyone. He acts like you are the woman he’s waited for all his life and he can barely resist being a gentleman around you. He is so into you. He makes you feel so sexy, so good. Your heart soars and you think he’s the one, this is it.

Fast forward a couple of more dates and you then feel something’s off. Mr. C’s aura and vibe still scream ‘Single & Available’. So who are you to him you wonder. Aren’t the pair of you lovers or are you just friends with benefits? Is he your boyfriend? He sure acts like one! Now that you’ve crossed the intimacy barrier, surely this requires some sort of acknowledgement?

As you deal with this conflict, you sense Mr.C blowing hot n’ cold, more cold than hot lately. He now barely replies to your texts, never initiates a chat and isn’t even asking you out anymore! Oh he throws in the occasional bait, a few crumbs of attention to keep you hanging in there but it’s not the same anymore. Worse still, you discover he’s still active on a dating site and you also finally get a glimpse of your many love rivals as you painfully peek onto his Twitter or Facebook pages; that’s a long list of women that he’s flirting with! He has all the time in the world to comment and like their pictures on facebook but ignores all your texts and e-mails. He’s so sweet and funny sending them kisses, while he makes you feel clingy and needy and seems visibly irritated.

That’s when the sad truth dawns on you. You are hurt, in pain, in shock and in limbo. You’ve been played. The thrill of the chase has ended for him. You are now only one of his many options. You have so many love rivals.  Can you stack up? Fight for his attention? What do you do?

Some of us have been there, haven’t we? I have! I knew I had to let go. I deserved way better and so do you, especially if you are the type who’s wishing for the sun, the moon, the stars and the whole 9 yards, holding onto love and commitment. I penned the poem ‘ Rivals in Love’  as a reality check on the situation but it ended up being somewhat cute and funny urging me to pick myself up, smile, chin up and move on.

Rivals in Love

Surrounded by bombshells
I am walking on eggshells
There’s nothing I can do
That can win him or woo
How can I halt his roving eye
Is there any use, can I even try?

My heartfelt feelings get no reply
When he’s a gentleman making babes sigh
Not a second of time to wish me hi
He has hours online to comment and like
Never a kind word or care my way
He is Mr. Humorous for belles all the way

Oh so many rivals I’ll have in love
Can’t let them be, can’t give ’em a shove
I have no place in his heart or his life
He’s not ever going to make me his wife
Seeking comfort in my meowing cat
Inspires me to boot out that love rat

 To all my brethren feeling like me
Walk away there’s plenty of fish in the sea!


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