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Rituals: bath & body products review

I have only recently come across Rituals and I’m so pleased that I did.

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All of their products look wonderful and are clearly all about you. We all know that this time of year can be a huge mixture of emotions, mainly stress and happiness so what better way to unwind thsn with some wonderful, calming products. I kindly got sent the following:

Time Out Relaxing Gift Set (£17.50) (as seen in the image above)

‘Featuring the shower foam, shampoo, body scrub and body cream. Restore your inner peace as you pamper your body with these relaxing products based on the wonderful fragrance of Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk.’ 

And for him:

Perfect Shave – £17.50

‘RITUALS’ brand new grooming collection, Samurai products get together in one amazing gift box. This set contains Samurai Magic Shave shaving cream, Samurai Scrub face wash & scrub and Samurai Shave & Repair shave lotion.’

All of the products in the womens gift set are just pure bliss. The Calming Body Scrub gives your skin a gentle exfoliation, leaving it feeling silky soft and smelling fresh. I did feel very chilled out after using this and I honestly think that the scents of the products play a huge part in this.

I love a good shower foam and the Rituals one does not disappoint. You don’t need a lot of this stuff as a little goes a long way! Again the smell is gorgeous, the aroma of the cherry blossom lingering around my shower room was wonderful!

I asked my friend to test out the shampoo for me as I am blessed to not have frizzy hair. Amy said “the shampoo is not only effective, it manages to double up as a cosmetic luxury. Where most ‘hair-type specific’ shampoos manage to tame a specific problem, they rarely manage to also smell gorgeous and leave hair feeling as lovely as when you leave the hairdresser! This shampoo in particular manages to tame frizz, leave hair silky without being heavily laden with product and smooth all flyaways without mking the hair itself appear greasy. A great find!”


I asked my wonderful boyfriend if he wouldn’t mind testing out the shaving products for me and he was more then happy to oblige, bless him! His words are what follows!

I suffer from sensitive skin while shaving and with some of the more commonly known brands of shaving gels/foams and creams they normally leave my neck and throat area red and sore.

Samurai Mild & Caring Shaving Cream – Basil & Ginseng

Smooth and gentle on the skin, the cream goes along way and you don’t need a lot of cream to cover the required shaving area. The cream works well to get in between the bits of stubble and when used with a good razor, the cream works to remove stubble with ease and leaves a soft, smooth and irritation free feeling on the skin.

Samurai Face Scrub & Wash – Wakame & Bamboo

Normally when using face scrub after a shave, my neck will get irritated by the face wash, getting a little sore or sometimes coming up with little white spots after a few hours of shaving, which I was advised was caused by a dirty razor blades or not applying the face scrub correctly, however I can assure you I know how to scrub my face! With Samurai Face Scrub I came away with no little white spots or red irritation marks on my neck or face, this was a pleasant surprise!

Samurai Calming after Shave Lotion – Basil & Tiger Grass

I avoid aftershave or balm… full stop. You only have to ask my girlfriend how often I wear aftershave. I can assure you it’s very rare, again this would be because my neck is very sensitive and goes bright red or gets sore when applying balm or aftershave. I agreed to review this product, so this would mean using the aftershave balm. As you can imagine on applying the balm I was expecting a reaction almost instantly, however I applied and a took a moment waiting… still waiting… no stinging… no red irritation on the skin… but there was a surprised look on my face as I looked in the mirror. I was impressed… and I must say I would be happy to use the brand again.


I would highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin, the 3 go together well with nice natural smells and results. My only suggestion to complete this set would be to throw in a face scrubber as well to finish it off.

For more information or a look at their other products, head over to http://uk.rituals.com/.

You can find the sets featured here and here .

(All opinions expressed have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Products kindly given by the respected company. Thank you to Amy & Wayne for their thoughts also.)


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