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is there a ‘right’ time to get married?

A wedding day is the most exciting day in a women’s life. Every young woman dreams of their perfect wedding day. They picture their dress, the perfect venue, what bridesmaids they’ll pick, the colour code they’ll choose and who will shed some tears on their big day.

There is dreaming, and there is doing, but what is the right time to go ahead and do it? Is it only acceptable at a certain age? Or is it all to do with money?

Getting married young has its pros and cons. If you know your with the one then why wait? I know many successful marriages that have lasted for years on end because the couples were meant to be. One example is my parents, who have been happily married since they were just 22 years old. It just goes to show that young love can work, but how do you know whether to take the risk?

I’ve been in a relationship for nearly five years, and I am certain that I will be in love for ever, but how can I be so sure that things wont change? I feel no pressure to tie the knot because I’m still so young, but that don’t stop me longing for the perfect wedding. Being in young relationships is so complicated because there are many failures and pressures put on you, but you love your other half so much that taking the next step just seems so exciting.

Money is another element in marriage. If you can’t afford it you wont do it because no-one wants to have a budget wedding day. I know many couples who would get married if they were given lots of money. It’s quite sad really because marriage is about agreeing to love someone for eternity and giving them your trust and loyalty.  There is now a big pressure on having the perfect wedding day that some people forget it’s actually about two people who want to live the rest of their lives together and for some it is a religious connection.

What is the most important element in marriage then? Is it how much your sure you love someone, how much money you have or how old you are? It’s all one massive judgemental situation if you ask me.


  • A part of me thinks if it’s right then why wait, YOLO and all that jazz but there are the practicalities of it all too. You can never really truly know if you are with ‘the one’ but you just have to go with your feelings and stay positive and keep the faith that you will be together for the future. It’s weird because I have never really been one of those girls that has fantasized about their wedding day until I found my wonderful boyfriend. He really is the guy I see myself getting married so I guess I do start to have little thoughts every now and again! x

    • Katie Katie says:

      That’s the same as me, I fantasize because I have someone in my life who I see myself getting married too. Its a difficult one x

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