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Revolution evolution! Beauty review

Revolution ‘Awesome Eye shadow Collection’

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I cannot get enough of Revolution at the moment. Just when I thought I had struck gold after finding the 144 palette, along came the 100 palette Nude & Smoked collection. Yes, less shades but even more beautiful ones to try out and completely different colour themes from the 144 palette.

'Awesome Eyeshadow Collection'

I did some swatches for some of the amazing the colours this palette has to offer. I decided to show you some more sedate, natural, everyday ones then some more vibrant ones just so you can see the vast choices you have.

The shadows come out really well and you do not need a lot on your brush for the colour to appear rich, which is great and means it should last a decent amount of time. I’m really loving the more smoky, natural colours and you can see in the images that you have the freedom to blend and mix and match. The more vibrant colours are also fab too and all shades have great staying power. You have a choice of a more matte look or shimmer depending on what look you want to go for. Revolution really do cater for all your eye shadow needs!

I’m pleased as punch with this palette and I have already put orders in for Christmas presents for some of my female relatives because I know they will just love them. At £12  you really can’t go wrong with this perfect palette.

To get your hands on yours, click here

(All opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Palette kindly given by Revolution)


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