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The results are in – Focus T25

Not too long ago, I wrote about my (confusing) introduction to Focus T25 , the exercise program designed by Insanity creator Shaun T. The programme is split into two sections – Alpha and Beta – with a 25 minute workout a day every Monday to Friday for five weeks. Mistakenly beginning the program with Beta, rather than Alpha, my introduction was not only confusing, but also hardcore. Needless to say, the workout was anything but gentle. Rather, it was exactly as it was advertised to be – quick, intense and sweaty.

Today is the day I can say that I have successfully completed the six week cycle. Six weeks you say? But Margot, I thought it was only five weeks? Indeed. But, confusion being a rather regular theme for my life in general, not only did I start with Beta instead of Alpha, but I also repeated my first week, resulting in six, rather than five, weeks in total :)

But, now that I’m finished, I’m not sure what to do with myself. I tend to exercise in the mornings and I’m also a big fan of routine. Before Focus T25, I took to running or Fitness Blender workouts, picking and choosing as I went. But with Focus T25, I was told (firmly) what to do each morning and I knew exactly how long my workout would take – 25 minutes with a couple of minutes for cool down.

I have become so used to my Focus T25 Monday to Friday (with two on Friday) workouts that I can now prompt Shaun T’s every little encouragement and speak in unison with him in every little joke. I know which of his colleagues to expect working out next to him and I know their little quirks. I know which ones scare me and which ones make me laugh (in a good way). Really, it was like I was part of the Focus T25 family, working out alongside them in their studio, although taking the occasional breather break which they seemed never to need.

This morning, not knowing what to do next, I did what any 21st century woman would do in my situation – I Googled. I found a site answering my exact question. The author says:

First off, Congratulations! Seriously! You have done what few people will actually see through until the end.

I find that quite interesting and it makes me wonder how many people out there have also completed Focus T25. Perhaps someone else reading this has indeed done so? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Focus T25.

She then gave her advice:

There really are 2 main options that I will recommend since we are talking about Focus T25 (Do it again or go to the next level – more on that on the bottom of the page). The first thing you could do is simply start over again! In fact, after finishing Beta, and starting over you will see how much easier the workouts are. But that doesn’t mean you take it easy in your second round! Remember how I talked about setting small goals? This time, push even harder and try to truly master these workouts! Obliterate your goals! Make them unrecognizable! You now have the strength and endurance to do just that. Now you can REALLY push hard since the first phase in your second round will seem almost kind of “easy”

 The next level she mentions is called Gamma. Gamma consists of four DVDs, each with a different workout. One reviewer says that “It absolutely fills the gap with some nice weight training to give that extra kick” and “if you have Focus T25 already and the program is clicking with you, then I’d day by all means go for it.”

 I did mention in my last post on this subject that I can be rather stingy when it comes to dishing out cash for anything exercise-related which is why I tend to stick to options such as running and free exercise videos however, I must say that I have seen the results from Focus T25.

 I can’t say that I identify with some of the body transformations I’ve seen users (marketing models?) proudly flaunt, their love handles replaced by 8-pack abs, but I have definitely noticed some change. While my body hasn’t undergone any dramatic change, or at least not that I can tell, I have found that exercises which once made me sweat at just the thought of them are now not only bearable, but I am often able to complete all the repetitions. I may not be up to the standard of all the ladies in the video – the strength and endurance of one in particular makes me think of the hulk but a happier, prettier, less muscular version  – but I have definitely improved, especially in arm and core strength.

As to what’s next, I’m not sure. Perhaps I will start the cycle all over again. Or perhaps, if I feel I’ll get enough out of the purchase, I’ll move on to Gamma or try Insanity. Or perhaps I’ll continue a pauper and return to my Fitness Blender workouts, alongside occasional runs. Does anyone else have their own advice they could offer me?

 At least, for today, I’ll revel in seeing Focus T25 Beta cycle “through until the end”, self-imposed complications and all.


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