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Respect your body

A friend once told me that our bodies were given to us a gift and that our souls are simply using our bodies to roam the Earth. As a gift, we should respect and look after what was given to us. When you think about it, the human body is the epitome of a protector. When we fall ill, our white blood cells fight. When we graze our skin, our body forms a layer to heal. When we are hungry, thirsty, who is it that tells us to eat and drink to survive? Evidently in a lot of cases our bodies can let us down. People pass from cancer and injuries for instance, but the body without doubt will always put up a fight to prevent death. With this being the case I ask, why do we lack the respect for the one thing that in life that heals our hurt, our pain?

We put so much of our love and support into another human being that we seem to forget the love, support, respect and protection that we owe to our being, our bodies. Friends and lovers will come and go but our bodies are not going anywhere. Some people will never deserve what you give, but your body always will.

We all know that smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and eating bad food affects our health. Yet, we still do it. And why not? Many believe that these are our bodies and therefore it is our choice what we want to do with them. I would be lying if I said I don’t drink alcohol and gosh do I enjoy a good takeaway! So I’m not asking you to go on some crazy diet or to gallivant around the gym. All I ask is that you give your body back what it gives to you everyday, by following my easy LSRP daily rituals.

1. LOVE – Herbal tea


Love your body, love herbal tea. Drink at least one cup of herbal tea each day. As a natural remedy, herbal tea can help to cure colds, nausea and supports the digestive system. Aim to indulge in the mint family. Green tea is also a winner – with antioxidants, it helps your body to fight infection. You can also use green tea as a face cleanser to help reduce spots and it can contribute towards having a clearer complexion!

2. SUPPORT – Vitamin supplements


Support your immune system. Take a vitamin supplement once a day to ensure that your body is getting the extra support it needs.

3. RESPECT – Meditate/Yoga

IMG_3625 (3)

Respect that your body does a lot for you. If you have walked a fair distance. Your arms and legs are aching. Work was stressful and your mind is boggling. Then relax your body and your mind. Try to set aside at least ten minutes a day for yourself. Yoga and meditating are good ways to relax and increases the feeling of wellbeing and thus, adds further support to your health.

4. PROTECT – Hand sanitizer gel


Protect your body from any unwanted germs that can easily get in through your hands. Simply apply a healthy amount of hand sanitizer gel when necessary; before eating and after using a public bathroom. From as cheap as £1 its not exactly breaking the bank. You can even get scented ones which adds a nice touch and masks the smell of the anti bacteria.


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