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Relationships are like a box of chocolates…

Whether you have known your partner for 10 minutes or 10 years, time with that person will always teach you something new about them. In fact, a relationship will continue to teach you things about your partner with every year that goes by and that is because as humans we constantly change. I am not the same person I was when I got married nearly 13 years ago. I have changed in good ways and bad. My husband has also changed in good ways and bad and that is why I liken a relationship to that infamous box of chocolates; like Forest Gump said, you never know what you are going to get.

Some parts of a relationship will be incredible, oozing with sweetness and so delicious you just want more and more and more. Other parts of a relationship are a bit ‘meh’. You could take it or leave it, not fussed whether you experience that again or not. If you do, you do and if you don’t, you don’t, whichever outcome, your life really won’t be enhanced or damaged.

Then there are those parts of a relationship that make you screw up your face in disgust, you can’t even imagine why that part is even present in your life and you never want to experience that again and in fact will go out of your way to avoid it in future.

But like with a box of chocolates, if you want to have the great times and the pretty good times, you have to take the ‘meh’ times and the downright disgusting times too. And like with a box of chocolates, if you avoid the things you don’t like, or at least try to then you can take the enjoyment and deal with the disappointment.

Not all relationships work, so if you have a box full of the things you really don’t like then there can’t be an avoidance solution and unfortunately only a new box bursting with the stuff you like will make you happy. But where there is a mix of more good than bad and the box is still worth having then take the positives and run with them.


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