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Reinvent yourself


In as much you should be true to you and be yourself in all you do every day.  Here are some great reasons why you should reinvent yourself.

Reinventing yourself means being an even more fabulous you with an edge.

1.  Always put a smile on your face

No matter what you are going through or no matter how hard you have had it, believe me when I say there is someone out there who has had it worse than you- so always smile.

Smiling lifts your spirit and also the spirit of others around you- never underestimate the value of your smile because it touches lives.

 Let’s just say it also an inexpensive easy to look beautiful- tell me who doesn’t want to look beautiful for cheap or nothing?

2. Wear some make up

Yes! I said it…wear some make up, it doesn’t really matter what brand you wear. Believe me when I say the brand doesn’t really matter much, as long as you splatter your face with some nice make up and wear it with confidence.

As someone who doesn’t wear much make up on a daily, but I do like to wear some nice lipstick and face powder when going out or dressed up for an event.

So maybe you aren’t so much of a makeup person- welcome to my world! You could opt for some nice colored lip balm or gloss and wear your hair in a different style- there are loads of YouTube videos to help you with that.

3. Laugh out Loud (LOL)

So you sound really loud when you laugh! Who cares?  Laugh out loud as much and as frequently as you can and whenever you want- Our laughter is a true expression of ourselves.

By the way, so many people’s laughter usually makes me burst out in laughter- I think that’s pretty an amazing way of unconsciously lift someone’s spirit.

Just a little tip- Do make sure you laugh out loud in appropriate places and at appropriate things…I hope you know what I mean..lol!



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