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The rebellious spirit.

 Everyone knows one. So are they everywhere? Please read on and see if you think that person is a rebel – or you are.

Now, let us look at the definition of the word, rebellious, from the dictionary.

Rebellious: Adjective; Resistant to control, Resistant to authority.

–          Opposing any control

–          Difficult to treat or handle.

 For example, the Mexican Revolutionary general, Pancho Villa.

(This was a nickname, his real name was José Doroteo Arango Arámbula (5 June 1878 – 20 July 1923).)

He was the greatest Mexican Revolutionary and his name is honoured in many circles.

I am quite sure he was someone I would have liked to have met!

Often, their actions are utterly and often destructively misunderstood. For example, they are sometimes referred to as Rebellious but, most of the time, reduced to a more understandable behaviour — self-destruction.

I do not feel they enjoy hurting themselves. In the act of avoiding, rebelling against the control – unintentional self-harm sometimes occurs. (Please realise I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, not even close but, I have been around the block a few times — so basing this on what I have seen and experienced.)

In the process of avoiding and preventing another conforming them to their ideals. Ideals which are 99, 9% not desired by them. Another’s ideals and expectations. Not theirs. They “rebel.” Let us take the word, in its literal sense; out of the dictionary: A rebel is a person who stands up for their personal opinions despite what anyone else says.

This is an unfortunate trait? Do not think so (I do realise, that is merely my opinion). It is a conformity aspect they do not want. So they tell you, stand up for themselves, and if you fail to heed their words, they take action and “drive” it away without much fuss but, some do not accept passive rebelliousness, or recognise it and mistakenly “push” harder and reinforce their constraints. The rebellious spirit then comes into full force, and they fight back. Back being the operative word.

Then you get individuals who know and understand a rebellious spirit. A compromising individual. They never order, or push in a particular direction or anything causing rebellion to appear and say, “Hi! I am here!”

So there are a few garnishing the rebellious streak, some to a larger degree, they are usually the older ones who had to fight too many battles to keep their head above water, and then the easier ones but, all possess that spirit. These types are often not seen as individuals who fought a bit harder for their rights (to whatever degree), but labelled as Troublemakers. No, they are not!

They stand up for what they believe in — they do not follow the crowd. We should realise to accept them as they are and not fight them as that rebellious spirit is a fighter!

To many, the word, rebellious, symbolises a carefree, strong, fun, adventurous spirit, etc. – a leader and yes, one of the qualities signifying this trait, is leadership. Our minds automatically think of a great celebrity. One who appeals to my mind, is of course, the Rebel Billionaire (the blonde guy who is almost always grinning) and I am sure to almost everyone I know as well. He has made great advancements in his field and many, many benefit from his success.

I see only what many see. The end product (metaphorically speaking. He is still growing!). This flamboyant individual seems more out there, than anyone we know. To me, he looks like Fun, with a capital F. but, I do realise he must be someone not to mess with as sure he has had fair share of problems. After all, he rose to the top to get where he did from very, very little – and with that great power, trouble follows you everywhere and tries to get a foothold (unsuccessfully) so many enemies are fought in battles, beaten and rendered eternal.

His rebellious spirit has gorged deep furrows into many places where rebellion was associated, once upon a time, as being a loser and the like “quality”. His tenacity and all the good things deriving from it has paved the way for his zillions of followers. Some have endured from his humble beginnings. His successful rebellious spirit we can see. The fruits of his rebellious spirit are admired and also envied by many. The material assets we see but, what of the ones we never know about?

We will probably never know as I am sure we are not meant to. Respect this kind as believe me; they have earned it, and they will treat you the way you treat them.




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