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Reasons why dogs make the best pets

I’d like to apologise in advance to all the cat lovers out there. Honestly, I have nothing against cats. There are some things that are strangely appealing about them, for example, the content, little purrs they emit when their human (possession) strokes their soft coat. However I am a ‘dog person’ to the core. Dogs aren’t called a ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing. The qualities possessed by dogs – loyalty, love, protection – are the same qualities we love seeing in our best friends.

And so I believe that dogs do indeed make the best pets. And this is why:

They are unwaveringly loyal from the get-go, even when their owners don’t deserve it. Once, as a young girl, I was followed all the way home from school by a little Jack Russell. I named him Sam. Sweet, sweet Sam who wouldn’t leave me even though I repeatedly told him to. Also, ever heard of Greyfriars Bobby, Fido or Barry? These are just some of the great dog heroes in history. Do yourself a favour and Google them. I challenge you not to respond with watery eyes, a heartfelt ‘awwww’ or goofy smile.

You will never find anyone welcome you home with such joyful abandon expressed by that of a dog.

dog video

There are 17 others where that came from – http://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseamarshall/tear-jerking-moments-of-soldiers-reuniting-with-their-dog#1zmphkj

Have you ever known any creature to be so happy, all the time, for no apparent reason but to simply welcome their owner home, receive a pat or fetch some object? Dogs are constantly joyful creatures with the ability to turn any frown upside down.

Dogs have serious persistence and will stare at you with the same heart-melting eyes, beg you with the same sad whimper and nudge you with the same paw gesture until they receive some response. And yet, any well-disciplined dog will reluctantly but obediently give up when your answer is a firm “no”.

How many other creatures will cry when they can’t be with you? OK, so this isn’t necessarily a quality we look for in other humans, but it is heartbreakingly adorable to see how much love dogs have for their human families.

Dogs are constant bundles of energy which is great for a number of reasons – they make great personal trainers, wonderful playmates, especially for games of fetch, and they cause great amusement when literally running in circles until they exhaust themselves.

No-one’s ‘puppy dog eyes’ will ever, ever beat an actually puppy’s puppy dog eyes. Puppy dog eyes beat all other baby animal eyes. I dare you to challenge that.

puppy dog eyes
Picture by Tiffany Muff

Dogs can be trained, and it’s not too difficult either. ‘Sit’, ‘fetch’ and ‘no’ can be learnt at an early age and never forgotten. There’s a reason Pavlov chose dogs as his subject. And here’s a video of a sheepdog being trained for further evidence and because, well, look how cute they are.

sheepdog video

Dogs are the biggest fun lovers in existence, and their happy, energetic nature is infectious. They are even more fun than Brazilians, and that is the highest compliment.

Dogs are fiercely protective and will let any threat to your safety know about it. When Beethoven jumped in the pool to save Emily’s life; he didn’t think, he just did.

All they want is your love. Give them some food and shelter, sure, they’ll love you immensely for it. But what they’re really desperate for is the simple loving pat of your hand against their fur. If only loving people was that easy.

Dogs may be violently vivacious at times but they know to treat the young ‘uns with gentleness.

Picture (and 27 others) at http://www.funmag.org/pictures-mag/cute-babies/cute-babies-with-dogs-28-photos/
Picture (and 27 others) at http://www.funmag.org/pictures-mag/cute-babies/cute-babies-with-dogs-28-photos/

Dogs protect people and homes, they lead the blind, they catch criminals, they’re a child’s best playmate and they’ll be your best friend if you’ll just let them.


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