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A reason to rewatch your favourite childhood movie

For many, watching movies as a child was an enjoyable and an exciting experience, but, given that we were only young it was inevitable that we were not able to fully appreciate the art of film making. Yes we laughed, felt scared, sad and fell in love with the characters, but did we missing something? Well, in my experience of re-watching some classics, we certainly did – particularly with such spectacular artistic film’s that really are phenomenal. Have you ever considered what experience you would have if you were to watch one of your childhood favourite movies as an adult? As well as a nostalgic buzz – think of all the adult humour and artistic elements I am pretty sure you turned a blind eye to as a child, that you will now notice and appreciate. Some films will only ever be made once and thankfully, as of yet, Spielberg’s masterpiece E.T has. So I present you with E.T the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). As a childhood favourite of mine, this classic proved to be more than what met the eye when I was only 10 years old…


The first thing that I noticed is the phenomenal use of cinematography. Cinematography is a key aspect to film production; it focuses on colour, lighting and camera movements. It is the glue that holds together the visual interpretation of the scenario. Although there is no denying that the visual effects were enhanced for new DVD releases – the cinematography of E.T is like a piece of exciting art work – something that I can say with certainty that I failed to notice when I watched it as a child.

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The film delivers a beautiful storyline concerning childhood innocence, love, loss and friendship. If you are my fellow 80s and 90s kids then as children we easily understood the nurturing relationship between Elliot and E.T as he attempts to feed and bath him, which create genuinely ‘laugh out loud’ scenes. His younger sister – (a young Drew Barrymore, for those who hadn’t noticed!) continued the hilarity by taking pleasure in dressing up E.T, whom we assume is a male, as a woman! – A scene that I  actually found funnier as an adult!

Impressively, the film is much more complex than just being a sweet storyline. As I re-watch the film, I feel the sensation of ‘goose bumps’ as many of the scenes are so elegantly anchored by a visually stunning array of shots. The magical use of lighting illuminates the images – the torches in contrast with the dark settings, the mist and the vibrant colours softly enhancing the setting. It also naturally compliments the faces of the characters, adding to the dramatic but also emotive tone of the film. The creative use of camera shots and movements (some of which appear to be hand-held photography) certainly add to the thrill of the adventurous story. Even a point of view shot through the eyes of E.T adds a further depth to the creativity. The cinematography is truly astonishing. Not only as a moving image, but much of what we see most definitely can be considered as fine pieces of stunning photography. It really captures and compliments some of the most emotive, engaging and tear jerking scenes of all time.

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So, whatever era you were a child, I ask you to dig out one of your childhood favourite movies. As earlier films are continuously being digitally remastered to DVD and Blu-Ray viewing, you don’t really have an excuse! So, sit back,relax, and get ready to form a new relationship, a new memory, and a new appreciation of a film so significant to your childhood that I can guarantee will continue to live in your hearts forever.


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