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The real meaning of Christmas

Most people have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas and are all too often blinded by the tinsel and lights that permeate every facet of this time of year. The real meaning of Christmas has and always will be, coming together as a family and celebrating how much we all love one another. However in this day and age, people seem to have lost that and focus more on presents, money spent and capitalism in general. For some it’s all about the price of the present, as if it somehow represents how much that person loves them. By this logic, the more they spend, the more that person loves you. But that is totally wrong, Christmas should not be about money or presents. For some, it is a time when they meet family and friends that they have not seen all year and come together for this one occasion, to enjoy each others company.

I think society as a whole has really lost its meaning. People are so focused on spending money, for example in the Black Friday sales. People were willing to fight and push others over to get hold of technological goods which all have nothing more than material value. Watching on as a woman tried to grab 6 TVs was just pure gluttony and greed.  I could not help feeling, whilst watching this barbaric behaviour, that today’s society is surely crumbling, with people becoming less human. Everything revolves around money; spending, saving, you name it.

For me, this Christmas the things I’m looking forward to the most are being surrounded by a family that loves and supports me, enjoys my company and adores me the same, no matter how cheap and cheerful the presents I have brought may be. I hope people read this and take note before they truly lose the meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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