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Protect your dreams

Five years ago I had lost the way of life as I knew it. I was facing a divorce, which came as a bolt from the blue, and I was about to lose my home. My life appeared to be in tatters, however, I had the love of my children and my dream… which was to be a published fiction writer. I had enough money to send my book manuscript to London, and to my surprise, a few days later, a very well known literary agent sent me a hand written letter (in calligraphy) stating that he saw potential and talent, but had I considered writing for children?

I realised that it was time to seize the moment and penned three chapters of my novel, The Quiet Life of Marta G Ziegler, within a week. It is about a profoundly deaf little girl with dreams to travel the world, and I sent the manuscript to the agent but they turned it down. Despite the rejection, this was the start of my literary journey. I moved into a rented property with my children, taking with us very little in the way of material things, but my imagination knew no bounds and I self Published Marta Ziegler, which would prove to be just the start. The Quiet Life of Marta G Ziegler was published by Crooked Cat Publishers and nominated for the prestigious People’s Book Prize in London.

Whatever your dream, I believe it can be achieved, even during bleak times in our lives. If the ambition is there, protect your dream at all costs because it’s yours. I now feel that the ending of my marriage, which seemed so terrible, opened the door to finding myself again and I am now writing book four ……


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