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It is easy for us to feel, at times, that we are halted in life by either our own selves or external circumstances. We may feel at some points that everything is running smoothly, things click into place effortlessly and life flows. At these times it is easy to believe, and  encouraged by western culture, that we must always be taking constant, relentless action towards our goals and aspirations. There is a belief that in order to be successful and achieve in the world, you must constantly be creating and making things. Although this is true and that many times in our lives action is called for in order for things to get moving, there also needs to be a balance.

It’s not always go, go, go action time and sometimes, things take a while to unfold, seeds planted in the winter germinate and begin to grow by spring. There is a gestation period with many of the projects in our lives, as nature reflects. There are four seasons for a reason and as nature reflects the changes of the seasons, so our own lives reflect these seasons back to us.

It can be frustrating to not always get exactly what you want, when you want it. However, as I have spoken about countless times before in previous blogs, we must remember that Divine Timing is at work in all things. Have you been constantly taking action, busying yourself to the point that you cannot hear your own souls true calling anymore? Have you bought into a culture that encourages self-denial and rejecting your own needs and desires in order to ‘get by and survive’. I know I have, but I also know that there is another way.

We are moving into another Mercury Retrograde and this calls for time of introspection, evaluation and requires us to slow down. It is often recommended not to take large action steps or make big life changing decisions during this time and sometimes, no matter what we do to try to make things work they don’t during Mercury Retrograde. (A planet such as Mercury going retrograde,  means it spins in the opposite direction for a period of time.)

I feel that it would benefit all of us to slow down for the rest of this month. Sometimes, granted, decisions must be made and we cannot stop our lives to a complete halt, but I am not suggesting this. I am simply proposing that maybe it’s time to view our lives through a different lens. Does society really function optimally with a load of stressed out, over-worked people in it? I don’t believe so and I think this year it’s time for us all to unite together and seek better solutions.

If you feel stuck, or at a loss in your life, remember there is a particular heavenly team assigned just to you in spirit that is always waiting eagerly for your requests and trust that they will and are being answered right now. You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You deserve to feel free and to make the choices that benefit you and all those around you! Do not limit the potential of what is possible for your life.

God’s Will for you is untold wealth, peace and freedom in this life, right now, here on earth, not just when you leave your physical body.

I am praying for you all. You are never back to where you started, you are constantly making progress no matter what may seem to be occurring in your life. Maybe now is the time to cease action and to let the blessings flow to you on the wings of Divine Grace.

Praying for you always,

Namaste <3


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