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Professional Bridesmaid… Good idea?

While sitting and reading one of my magazines, I came across an article with the heading ‘Strangers pay me to be their Bridesmaid’. A little intrigued I read on and yes, it’s true a lady hires herself out as a professional bridesmaid and thinks everyone should have one?!?

Now I am not sure whether this is a good business venture or its just plain weird.

She goes on to say how it was all down to all her friends getting engaged and weekend after weekend she was booked up being bridesmaid and then she just put an ad out there saying this is what she could do for you and instantly the emails poured in asking for her help.

She had emails from women who had just moved to town and didn’t know anyone, to gay couples who wanted a female presence. Four weddings later over the year and it seems a success.

For me personally your wedding is an intimate/personal affair and I wouldn’t think this would work but hey you just never know do you?

So ladies if you would like a professional bridesmaid to take care of things from planning you hen party, holding your dress while you pee and making sure that plasters and tissues are ready available then call me. I would be happy to help in exchange for a free meal and a free dress!


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