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The Prize Catch Woman

The Prize Catch Woman is absolutely like no other. Some call her The High Value Woman (indeed the term, is interchangable) and some label her as The Queen Who Gets It All. Either way, Prize Catch, wins!

Let us explore the Prize Catch Woman, her characteristics, who she is and what we can learn from her!

A Prize Catch Woman is the ONE woman, that MEN chase because she sleeps like a Queen. Irrespective of what is happening in her personal and professional life, she is above the low value behaviour of chasing a man and feeling miserable, dejected and most importantly, devalued. She is the woman who is modest, prizes her wisdom and intelligence that directly stem from her self worth more than anything and most importantly, her dignity. She comes in all shapes and sizes, long hair, short hair however she is FEMININE to her core. What this woman doesn’t do, is chase.

In our society, we as women are ENCOURAGED to chase men. It is alright that he didn’t return 10 calls of yours, I am sure, he must be “busy or something.”. Yes he was busy avoiding you. Women don’t get something very and definitivly simple about a man.

When a man is interested in you, he pursues you.

Pursuit does not come down to texts, calls, sing-a-song sweet nothings and other bullshit that women so often believe. Pursuit comes down to him being a SUITOR. For traditional girls at heart, courtship prevails. Dating has CHEAPENED courtship because dating is a prelude to casual sex.


Sadly we see more broken hearts than broken condoms and it’s sad and scary that this is the myth that Cosmo keeps shoving down your through and you’re masochistic enough to give them your money and buy into the sickness and the deviant spread of it.

Pursuit is where he takes you on proper dates and it’s not a “NetFlix Night” where he will go home with YOUR dignity and you go home with SHAME. Nope. These type of dates are where the man hasn’t got his hands on your like an octopus and actually LISTENS to what you say. Because he cares. And you know HOW you attract a man of this caliber? Become a Prize Catch Woman. If a man isn’t pursuing you, It doesn’t matter “in love” you think you are with him, drop him and keep it moving. If a man cannot OPENLY call you his girlfriend to people, between yourselves, you haven’t got a relationship. You have an arrangement to be willingly treated like crap and be happy that you got picked for the position to be treated like it.

Being a Prize Catch stems from self worth. Women of this caliber do not care who likes them or why he likes them. A man is SUPPOSED to like a Prize Catch I am a Prize Catch.  do not chase, think, beg, grovel, whine, nag, whinge or moan. They simply allow the man who DESIRES to REALLY be with them, to chase them. They don’t ask where the relationship is going because they don’t care, they don’t ask about marriage plans because HE springs them up on them and they most definitely don’t waste their time in loserish, deadbeat, degenerate and waste of space “relationships”.

Prize Catch women know that the type of man on your arm, is a direct reflection of yourself. The only identicator of a man’s interest is pursuit. That he calls to see you, fixes a date and time and takes you out like a lady (Here’s to hoping you’re one in the first place….)

Until then, keep rocking your sexy self (and remember to keep your legs closed until he commits to you!




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