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There comes a time in life when you just want to sit down and think…or in my case write. “About what?!” you’re going to ask me! My answer is simple yet complicated “about me, about you, about how it is so easy to find ourselves in everyone but it is so hard to admit it”. It is important to us to discover the truth and the key to our connection between our brain and our heart.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find this path, to see how to connect the soul with the mind, because our mind it is always limited by society, by the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, therefore who can say what’s good or bad for me, or for you, or for us?  Sometimes this society imposes us some standards that we possibly miss, or just not fit in, fact that makes us, women, vulnerable, most likely because these standards are made by men. A well known song says it best “this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman”!

I don’t want to be that type of feminist who says that we rule the world, or that we hold the key of the world, because we all know very well that there is a strong relationship between men and women. How they are nothing without us, we are nothing without them. Anyway, the truth is that we change a man in the same way he changes us.

I am here to talk about this, about our secret doors in our hearts, about what is behind that doors, how much did it take to close them, where did we put the key and why we always stop and stare, or sometimes try to knock but we never enter. These doors can be doors of the past, of the future, of the aspirations, of desires, of sex, of everything that we are afraid to show because we can be rejected by the “society”. Can you tell me how many times you shut those doors trying to be a better you, trying to fit in someones life, trying desperately to be the person that others wanted you to be? But did you ever asked yourself why are you doing this, why do we do these sacrifices, or these decisions really make you happy? I always like to say about happiness that it is not about the destination, it is about the journey. The happiness that we always run to is in fact the journey. Make it count!!

We need to understand that there is no mistake in our beliefs, that no one can judge us. I want to open these doors,  not to go back, not to suffer, but to learn, to assume and to make a difference in our lives. The first step to make a difference is to make it in our soul, mind and body.

The new ‘fashion’ today is the most known concept of personal development, or to have life coaches. We are ready to do everything just to live within, to ‘have it all’, but the truth is why have a life coach when you can be your own coach? You just have to embrace yourself and everything will be alright!


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