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Pray for Orlando

Pray for Orlando 12/06/2016

In the early hours of Sunday morning a rainbow suddenly darkened and 49 people were tragically gunned down and another 53 wounded in a terrorist attack aimed at the LGBT community.

I am truly saddened by these events and the hatred people can have against one another. The attack took place in a gay club named Pulse, where hundreds of people were innocently partying and having a good time, never would they think it would turn into the scene of a mass shooting.

My prayers go to the families affected and the survivors who escaped and those of which are still in hospital fighting for their lives. This attack is the biggest attack on LGBT community in recent times and one of the biggest mass shootings in American history. In times of disparity, people will always come together and hundreds of people gathered in Soho to show their solidarity as well as Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester. Its tragic events like these that you truly see the power of humanity, people from all walks of like and background coming together to support those who need it.

Homophobia – Dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people. In the 21st century it’s still hard to believe that people are still stuck in their 20th century ways. Being gay and having sex has only been legal since 1967, which means the law has been around for nearly 50 years, yet people’s attitude towards gay people still have not changed much. Also, being gay is still illegal in 77 countries across the world and there are 196 recognised countries in the world. This is just shocking that somewhere, someone is in prison for loving or having sex with the same sex! This needs to change, before more innocent people are killed simply for having the courage and freedom to love who they want. Love is supposed to be a positive force in the world, not one that is used as a catalyst for hate.

Pray for Orlando.


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