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The power of music

The power of music is one so phenomenal, it can and does influence one in many ways, more than you may know. From rock to pop, jazz to soul, RnB to classic, music can influence the way one dresses, to their outlook on life, ones actions, activities, choice of friends and significantly, music is a huge aspect to culture. Take a look in a mirror and ask yourself how does the music you listen to influence you? Psychically, emotionally or mentally? or perhaps all three. If I were to do this I would first of all say physically – my piercings are undeniably influenced by the rock style of music I listen to. Above all of this, to me, the most powerful aspect of music is the way that it has the ability to awaken all of our senses, our feelings, and can act as a trigger for a memory of a time, a place, a person.

Did you ever turn the radio on and find that it’s playing a song that took you back to your school days? your childhood? In an instant you feel a nostalgic buzz that erupts an array of memories. Or perhaps an ex lover? I know for sure that there are several tracks that remind me of an ex or of a time of being hurt, being heart broken and sad.

In a way listening to music helps me to relive moments, feelings and reminds me of people I have lost. It can be unnerving but also therapeutic and exciting. Late last year I sadly lost my granddad. Ever since I was a kid I would always remember him playing Frank Sinatra and everyone would sing along to the famous ‘New York, New York!’. Whenever I hear this song now its like an electric wave of emotion flows through my soul. I feel sad, joyful and happy all at the same time. I guess it’s the same for much of the music I listen to. I can listen to a song and for that three minutes or so I can be taken back to a particular time in my life. Often a gig or a festival. I shut my eyes and I am again lost in the crowd, lost in the music and atmosphere and lost in the company of my lover and friends.

As well as this, music is a way of escapism – music is freedom. As Elton John once said “music has healing power, It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours“. Have you ever found yourself turning to music for answers, for comfort, for escapism from your life? I know I have. Ever since I was a young teenager to now, I find comfort in music. When all else fails, when friends let me down, when my heart is broken and my confidence knocked to the floor, I blast out some of my favourite music – Foo Fighters or Alter Bridge and suddenly everything is okay. I’m not afraid anymore. It’s almost like I am indestructible – and nobody can hurt me.

All in all, music is truly an influential, magical and powerful gift in life – one, that we will all own until we too shall pass.


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